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Office parties that are properly planned can be a lot of fun

Meant to be a release of stress and work pressures, office party games are often holiday-specific. They don’t have to, however, be associated with any specific time of year, as almost any party theme can go a long way to brighten the day of coworkers and make the work place a more pleasant environment. Consider the 60’s for example as an office party theme or maybe movie stars or politicians. Pick a theme that is fun and broad enough to encompass many different ideas.

There are always two contradictory factors at bay when dealing with office party games. The party itself represents informal formality and also a social yet stressful situation. With a little thought, a few innovative office party games and some office party supplies, things can liven up considerably.

What are some different office party games?

Since holiday office parties and game ideas abound, we will focus here on more general office party games. Here are some thoughts for fun and frolic in the work place.

1- Guess the Movie Game

This is a sort of charades with a new twist. Before the party, jot down the names of several well-known movies and place them in a bowl. (To really make it difficult, consider using a non-player to write down the names so that none of the participants will have even the slightest clue.) All those playing the game must pair up and then one pair becomes the first set of “actors.” They must pick a slip from the bowl and enact a scene from the movie indicated. The first person to guess correctly becomes the next set of actors and the game continues until every pair gets a chance.

2- Famous Movie One-Liners Game

Before the festivities, write down some famous movie quotes, (i.e., “Here’s looking at you, kid” from Casablanca). Have one person read out the quotes one at a time with the other party members having to guess which movie it is from. One point goes to whoever gets it right and the winner is the one with the most points. Extra points can be assigned if the guesser knows the name of the character and actor or actress who said it.
3- Lie Detector Office Party Game

This office party game fares well for colleagues who don’t know each other very well, or who think they do when they might not! In order to play, guests assemble in a circle or around a table, and someone is nominated as the scorekeeper. Players go around the circle, taking turns telling one true statement and two lies about themselves.

After each player’s turn, the other players vote on which of the statements they believe was truthful. The truth is then revealed, with the player awarded one point for every incorrect guess. When all players have had a turn, the person with the highest score is awarded the title of “best liar in the office!”

5- Snowman or Statue Office Party Game

Not to be confused with winter holiday office party games, snow in this case refers not to the weather but rather the idea of freezing in one’s place. One person in the office is discreetly selected as the “snowman”. At some point, the snowman must freeze completely in the middle of whatever he or she is doing at the time. As other people notice, they have to freeze also. The last person to notice what’s going on and freeze like everyone else loses, and becomes the next “snowman.” This office party game is sure to get plenty of laughs.

Office party games can be a great venue for busy colleagues to get to know each other. Keep the memories alive by recording them with a digital camcorder! Most of all have fun because that is really what it is all about.

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