Personalized birthday favors

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Party favors and sweet treats ensure a happy event
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Personalized is the way to go for memorable birthday favors

Want to start your party off with a bang? Bring in a big bouquet of colorful, inflated balloons. A few are sure to pop as they’re snatched from your hands. It’s the shock that will trigger laughter and get guests socializing. Personalized birthday favors such as old-fashioned latex balloons remain a dependable decoration for birthday parties and other special events. Nevertheless, in the modern party marketplace there now is a vast collection of options for personalized birthday favors that will thrill your guests—without the big bang. A little imagination is all it takes to come up with intriguing, personalized party favors. Maybe your friends will be chattering about your party’s monogrammed guest soaps or monogrammed aromatic candles, or your luscious chocolate squares personalized with the imprinted initials of the guest of honor. They’ll surely keep for re-use your lovely little metal boxes whose labels are custom printed and whose contents reveal the containers to be personalized mint tins. Items like those are cherished and your creativity is remembered. In addition, such things usually can be purchased in quantity. And that means substantial savings.

Goo-goo, gah-gah

Personalized birthday favors don’t necessarily have to be for preteens, teenagers or adults who are young at heart. The favors also make a great way to welcome the outlandishly young—newborns, infants, toddlers—who are celebrating their presence in the world through special occasions. Birthdays, baptisms, christenings and baby-centric events of all kinds present a happy opportunity to utilize personalized birthday favors. There are many unusual gifts that will have your guests saying ooh and ahh after they’ve looked at the baby and said goo-goo, ga-ga. Your guests will be amazed when they see your personalized birthday favors disguised as a ribbon-festooned paper sacks bearing photos of the baby and a special greeting. And just wait until they discover the lovely little sacks are actually personalized favors filled with sugar cookie mix. Each of the cute little bags of sugar cookie mix favors makes at least half-a-dozen tasty treats.


There are appropriately imprinted or silk screened products to celebrate any occasion. Candy hearts with customized messages are popular. Use them to decorate party sundaes when you learn how to make ice cream. Chocolate bars with wrappers emblazoned with joyful messages also are popular. It’s not hard to find imprinted napkins and place mats and gift bags that originated as personalized birthday favors. There are hundreds of other personalized birthday favors that offer similar opportunity to make a statement on a special day, whether a birthdays or another fun-filled event.

• Cookies topped with edible photographic images
• Gift bags imprinted with a name and date
• Candy boxes with wedding theme printing
• Crystal cake toppers made into the couple’s initials
• Terry towels and bath robes with monograms
• Mugs, glasses and shot glasses printed with a greeting
• Tee shirts, sweat shirts and hats with messages

Cowboys and dance hall girls and the sheriff, too, will be howling with delight when you invite them to a party whose personalized birthday favors have been hijacked for use as favors for other types of parties. Today, there are favors, games and activities galore—enough to please anyone. Sing-along intervals and the impromptu formation of a kazoo band might spice up a party. How about a yodeling contest? Magic shows and karaoke are popular.

Nevertheless, it’s your party. You can cry if you want to when you get the bill for all these special touches. Or, you can be a wise party planner. Don’t let the pressure to be the perfect host or hostess spoil the fun. Do what you can with what you have to spend, time-wise and budget-wise. Today, it’s easy to get carried away with personalized birthday favors ordered from a jeweler and studded with diamonds.

Have fun but don’t get frantic

According to one authoritative report, parents are spending upwards of $10,000 for children’s birthday parties, Sweet 16 parties, tea parties and the like. It’s reported that FAO Schwarz, the famous New York toy retailer rents store space for parties—at a base fee of $25,000. The details were disclosed in a recent CNN report about pricey parties.

Relax and have fun. Try to keep in mind that when it comes to personalized birthday favors, it really is the thought that counts. Mostly any guest of honor would rather get a laugh at a handful of candy hearts with their birth date inscribed on the tops than some fancy, outrageously priced gizmo, complete with a stress level to match.

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