Best internet marketing strategies

By Ryan Walters
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Before you can start selling to your online marketplace you first have to ensure that people can find you.
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Best Internet Marketing Strategies

More and more people are flocking to the internet to search for local businesses, and to buy their products and services. But before you can start selling to your online marketplace you first have to ensure that people can find you. Adopting the best internet marketing strategies is crucial if you want to succeed online. This means using pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimisation to ensure you appear on the first screen of results whenever people search for your product or service. Pay–per-click advertising appears on the right hand side of search results. They are designed to be relevant to the search terms used; consequently, they will appear in front of a targeted audience looking for your product or service. PPC can be an excellent way to gain visibility fast and is the best short-term internet marketing strategy to use. You simply bid on certain keywords and for the amount you are prepared to pay for each time somebody clicks through to your site.

PPC can be a viable tool as long as you know what the conversion rate is of your website turning visitors into customers. Using a PPC calculator you can gauge whether paid search ads would be cost effective for your business. Your campaign will also need to be closely monitored to ensure you are using the most profitable keywords and hitting your conversion targets. If the results aren't as hoped you can always pull the plug. One of the advantages of PPC is its clear campaign visibility.

As more businesses join the rush to advertise online prices will inevitably rise. PPC may eventually only be feasible for businesses able to budget for thousands of clicks at $5 a pop. Using paid ads in search results might gain short term visibility. But with the risk of price rises you should have other internet marketing strategies in place to push you up the natural search results.

The long-term option, and one of the best internet marketing strategies, that everybody should be using is to optimise your website's content for search. Search engine optimisation used to be simply a case of inserting a high number of keywords into your content and registering your site with plenty of paid directories. These methods are no longer effective and are more likely to get your website blacklisted then positioned anywhere near the top of the search results. Google and Yahoo's biggest assets are their search functions. If they are not able to provide the most relevant, up-to-date information then people will simply start using their competitors. Therefore, their methods for categorising websites are becoming ever more sophisticated to ensure they are providing information of the most value.

Strategically placing keywords is no longer enough to satisfy them into giving you a high ranking. It is the websites with the most updated, relevant content and back-links to good quality sites that are now pushed to the front of the cue.

Business blogs are growing in usage, partly because they are a great method of climbing the search engines. Blogs are the perfect way of 'organically' optimising your website for search, and the best long-term internet marketing strategy to use. The term 'organic' refers to how it is the evolving content on the site that encourages Google and Yahoo to place it high up in their rankings. Blogs written on relevant subjects are filled with keywords, and every time a new article is posted it flags the web that the site has been updated.

Organically optimising your website should be regarded as a long-term tactic. It will take time to build up your content and a network of links before you can start to climb Google. Paying for pay-per-click advertising can be used in the short-term to boost your visibility. But the best internet marketing strategy is to use a mixture of the two to gain immediate attention whilst also developing your content to climb the natural search results. Maximising your online visibility with these tactics will give your business the best possible chance of succeeding online.

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