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Where to do horse research

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No matter what you need to know about horses, it's online
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The simple and easy answer to where to do horse research of all kinds is online

For much of the world, the horse has been an integral part of history. From transportation of people and product to herding cattle and other animals, the horse has become a part of human life.

If you'd like to learn more about horses, horse supplies or how to care for horses, there are wonderful websites where you can learn all about this majestic creature, from its early origins to today's most popular breeds.

Horse breeds

Information about horse breeds is a great place to start your search to learn more about horses.  The Horse Channel offers a wealth of information about equine breeds worldwide. From the tiny miniature pony to the massive work horses, you can read about their characteristics, origins, and even find links to forums and breed-specific websites and events. 

Looking for even more breed information?  Try Horse Breeds Info for more details about the types, sizes and breed standards of horses around the world.

History of horses

The American Museum of Natural History offers a fascinating look the history of the horse, from its origins some 50 million years ago to today. 

For a timeline of the horse through history, check out The Slino-Platonic Papers.  It offers a wealth of information about the ancestors of the sleek modern horse stretching far back into history, complete with major milestones in equine evolution.

Horse training

If you're looking for information about training horses, there are some great places to start online. Wondering what halters and leads and techniques you need to start breaking a new horse? 

Check out the training information at Parelli Horse Training, or look through the informative articles on Natural Horse.

Types of horseback riding and riding tack

Not sure how to tell a Western Saddle from an English saddle? No worries! There are lots of websites and articles on riding tack, types of saddles, and styles of riding out there on the web.

Equisearch/com offers tons of easy to understand information to demystify horse tack, from types of bits to all types of English and Western tack and apparel.

For information on riding styles, take a look at Horses and Horse Information for articles on English, Western and more. Horse Riding Adventures also offers some great resources for people doing riding style horse research online.

Caring for horses

If you need information on caring for horses, the web is a great place to start. Learn about everything from hoof care to vaccines at the ASPCA website, or dig deep into the details of equine health at The Horse.

Find the latest information on equine veterinary care at's extensive list of horse care issues, from teeth to hooves, all linked from one easy to use page.

Famous horses and fictional horses

When you've gathered all the information you need about the real horses of the world, why not turn to the fictional side. For centuries, the horse has appeared in myth and literature, and from the start of film and TV, on the screen as well.

Some were heroes in their own right, while others were trusted sidekicks. Just as surely as their human co-stars, the horse has claimed its rightful place on the page and the screen.

If the famous horse of track, literature, film and television are what you're looking for, there are websites to help you there, too.

Wikipedia offers a list of historically famous horses, while HorseFame takes you into the world of famous TV and movie horses.

There are famous horses of mythology and literature, and even a trivia quiz to separate the horse masters from the amateurs.

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