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What is crystal imaging

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Crystal imaging
This is a cherished couple's keepsake
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Discovering what is crystal imaging opens up new decorating options

So, what is crystal imaging, you ask? It's actually a way for people to update some of their most cherished of photos by engraving them -- in either 2-D or 3-D -- in a crystal form. You can take a look at both the photo -- and video link below -- in order to get a better idea of what an engraving will look like.

This process can be completed for some of your most important photographs depicting:
  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas/family gatherings
  • Valentine's Day
  • Memorials
  • Your favorite pets
  • Mother's Day/Father's Day
  • And so much more!

Let's take a brief look at the intricate process as well as some of the options available to potential shoppers. Read on to find out all you'd ever want to know about crystal imaging!

How Does It Work?

Basically, a laser is used to etch your imagery (i.e.: photo) into a chosen crystal form. When it's focused on the glass, the beam's focal point is so high that the structure -- at that small point -- is literally changed. What this means is that workers are then able to then create an image out of a thousand of these small points -- This is known as Vitrography.

In essence, what are some of the different types of varieties available for those looking to immortalize their photos using this method?

The 2-D Variety

For those looking to add a little spice to their photo collection, the 2-D engraving in crystal offers a fantastic keepsake (or memory) of a wedding, graduation, birthday, anniversary, and beyond. For those looking to update some of their photos onto an engraving, they'll usually need to provide digital photos to the company of choice in such formats as:
  • .png
  • .bmp
  • .jpeg
  • .gif
  • .tiff
  • .jpg, and more

The company will then convert one's photo into a ready-to-laser, high-res file using some of the most sophisticated software available today. The buyer can create captions at this point in time; the photo image can even be resized and/or altered to get the maximum oomph out of the engraving.

After the engraving process is complete, the buyer will have a piece of history which will never fade. That birthday, anniversary, graduation, or wedding will be forever immortalized for years to come.

Let's Go 3-D, Shall We?

Buyers may also choose to engrave their product in a 3-D all-encompassing design. The company will use your specific photo -- by inputting it into a sophisticated computer software program -- in order to successfully render a three dimensional design of the image.

In many instances, all the company will need will be a high-resolution photo, one that is properly lit and up to the standards they deem necessary for a proper transfer. The process to complete this engraving is complex but the end result is that a viewer will be able to look from any angle on the finished product and see something akin to a three dimensional sculpture of their image.

So, does it seem like a good idea to update some of your old photos from that dusty photo album sitting stagnant in your upstairs closet space? Well then, crystal imaging can provide a variety of ways in which to update, preserve, and improve upon some of your most cherished memories -- from your child's graduation to a special 30th anniversary bash -- while at the same time allowing others to enjoy these images almost as much as you do!

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