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Kids can have fun dancing and getting just as messy indoors as outdoors
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Here is a list of fun indoor activities for kids on rainy, cold days

Kids are endlessly engaged by the outdoors because there's always something to run to, climb or chase. When they're inside on a cold or rainy day they stare out the window focusing on things they can't do while piping up every few minutes to tell you, "I'm bored" or "There's nothing to do". Au contraire: with a little time and creativity, indoor activities for kids can be as fun discovering buried treasure in the backyard.

Make a Rainy Day Box

The goal of creating a rainy day box with your kid is to encourage her to think creatively and not always rely on you to come up with indoor activities. Take a card board box, shoe boxes work great, and cut a slit big enough for a piece of folded paper. Have your child decorate the box with craft and art supplies: construction paper, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, markers and glitter. Decorate the lid separately so it's removable. Label this the 'Rainy Day Box' or any other name you prefer.

Take a few pieces of paper and write down ideas for indoor activities for kids - the list below can get you started. Fold up the papers and write a '2' on the activities that require two people. Make sure she knows where the box is kept and encourage her to add her own ideas for activities to the box whenever she thinks of them. On the next rainy day, she can pull an activity from the box. Remind her to only grab papers with a '2' on the outside if a friend is over or if you have time to play.

10 Fun Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids

1. Build a Fort

Building a fort stimulates the imagination and most kids love the challenge. Make a deal that the fort comes down at the end of the day and let your kid go to town in the playroom or his bedroom. Supply extra blankets, pillows and throw cushions, put on some music and check out the handiwork when he's done. Forts can occupy a child all day. Once built, reading or playing with his usual toys is a little more exciting inside of the fort. Of course, the best part is playing bulldozer.

2. Draw a Storybook

Kids love cartoons. Adults love cartoons. Who doesn't short stories with fun characters in colorful worlds? Break out the crayons and paper. Your kid can create a character and draw her own story, or draw her favorite characters from a book or T.V. and make up a story with them. Each scene can go on a separate paper and once the cartoon is done she can staple them together and have her own handmade story book.

3.Tea Party

A good tea party has at least two people. Everyone attending is invited to dress up in their favorite dress or outfit. Pour tea or hot chocolate into small mugs and make finger sandwiches together. Set out a small plate of sweets or berries, and light a candle or hang a decorative piece of fabric to set the scene. Enjoy a nice snack and chat with your child.

4. Charades

Charade requires a minimum of two people, but the more the merrier. Make your own game cards by cutting squares of paper and writing down objects, movies, books, characters, foods and places your child is familiar with. A few rounds of charades is a fun, physical and challenging game for kids.

5. Dancing Memory Game

This is a fun, physical two-person game that builds memory. Play upbeat music in a room with enough floor space to dance. Face each other and do one simple movement. Your child repeats the movement, and then does a second movement. You repeat the first and second movement, and then add a third and so on. Together, you both create a unique dance. The challenge is to see how many moves you can remember.

Classic Indoor Activities for Kids

6. Card Games - Build a house of cards, play memory, go fish or crazy eights

7. Puppet Show - Make puppets from old socks or paper bags, and a set simple set pieces like trees and houses. Drape cloth over a table for the stage and a get a front row seat for a short, 5-10 minute puppet show.

8. Listen to an Audio Book - Here's a relaxing activity your child can do in a warm, comfy corner. Audio books help with listening and attention skills, and are a nice change from the television.

9. Fun with Play-doh - Make a batch of play-doh using common ingredients on the stove top and food coloring. Set out cookie cutters, a small rolling pin and a dull knife and your kid can make decorations for his room or little creatures. offers this simple recipe for play-doh.

10. Ten Minute Dance Party (repeat often)

Try a few of these activities and hopefully the next rainy day will be full of good times.

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