How to plant rose bushes

By Rachel Hartman
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Roses will add beauty and color to any garden
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Roses make a nice addition to a front yard or flowerbed. Planting them properly and caring for them will allow you to enjoy beautiful flowers and get the most out of your rose bushes. Here are some tips to help you plant rose bushes and take care of them throughout the season.

Where to Plant Rose Bushes

Roses grow well when they have sunlight. Look for a spot in your garden that receives at least four to five hours of sun each day. Roses also need room to grow, so be careful not to crowd them with other plants and bushes. If you are placing a new rose bush where an older one grew, try to remove the surrounding soil and replace it with fresh soil. A new rose bush will grow better in fresh soil.

Prepare the Soil

Once you have chosen a spot for your rose bushes, it is time to get the soil ready for them. Begin by digging a hole that is a bit larger than the root system of the rose bush. Add a handful of bone meal into the hole. Bone meal is a source of phosphorous and will help the roots to grow. Also place compost or peat moss into the planting hole. Not sure how to make garden compost, making garden compost might be of assistance. If the soil is very moist, consider adding some sand to it. Use topsoil to create a cone in the bottom of the hole where you are going to plant the rose bush. You will want to spread the roots over the top of the cone.

Plant the Rose Bushes

When you have the hole ready, gently put the rose into the hole. Place extra soil around the rose to fill up the hole. Press the rose carefully into the soil and water it well. Make sure the crown is slightly below the soil surface. Placing it between one and two inches below will help it grow well. This may vary from place to place, depending on what kind of climate you live in and the type of rose you are planting. Generally speaking, in colder areas the rose bush should be planted a little deeper than in other areas. If you are not sure how deep to plant the rose bush, ask other rose growers in the area or at the garden store.

Prune the new plants

After planting your rose bushes, prune them carefully. The length that you trim them to will depend on what kind of roses you are planting. For example, hybrid tea roses should be trimmed back to about seven inches. You may want to spray the areas where you prune to prevent insects and disease from harming them. Once you know how to plant rose bushes, choose an area of your garden for them. Different varieties of roses grow well in different areas. Check with your neighbors and local nursery to find out which roses will do best in your part of the country.

Once you know how to plant rose bushes, and what kind you want, choose an area of your garden for them. Knowing how to plant rose bushes will get your garden off to a good start. You will be able to care for your beautiful new bushes and watch them bloom. With proper care, you will be able to enjoy the rose bushes and the gorgeous flowers they will produce.

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