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By Jean Sanders
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Graduation is an important step in a young person's life, one worth of special recognition
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Some ideas for the best graduation gift

Graduation from high school or college is a milestone and a happy occasion for parents and their children. It's a right of passage which deserves to be marked with gifts of dignity and lasting sentiment as well as things which are just plain fun ... and useful, too! Here are some ideas to help you select the best graduation gift for a happy grad on your list – whether male or female.

1. Money!!! Of course, the top gift that all graduates love is money. As long as you don't care how it gets spent, this is an excellent choice as an all around graduation gift. You might not think it has any sentimental value (to you!), but the grad will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

2. iPod The iPod is the ultimate graduation gift. It is so convenient and provides hours and hours of entertainment. If the lucky recipient is a music lover, he or she will consider this the best graduation gift ever.

3. Handheld Device A moderately priced PDA can do it all for the new graduate. A great way for to store images, movies, music, and data for the student going off to college. For that matter, a college graduate will also be most appreciative.

4. Laptop Computer If you are willing to spend a lot on the graduate, a laptop computer is an excellent choice. There are so many models available today in a wide range of prices. Check out all the online catalogers and merchants that specialize in electronics to help you decide what would be the best graduation gift in this field.

5. Digital Camera A gift that many graduates would love would be the digital camera. Give it to them before the big day, and they will have something to not only show off but also capture the moment. The variety of models is astounding and the price range is wide, so do your comparative shopping online and you'll be able to find one that is ideally suited to both the student and your budget. With today's computer and tech savvy grads, it will top the best graduation gift list. Just make sure they agree to eamil you some of the pictures!

6. Voice Recorder: For those who do not take shorthand( and how many do?), this is a perfect way to keep up with the mountain of information offered in a lecture class. With the instructor's permission, your grad can record information, and use the recordings to review information, or to supplement or fill-in notes. Group projects can also be supported with this tool, as students can share information without being together. Purchase plenty of extra mini cassettes, so two can be brought to each class—in case one runs out.

7. College Spirit If your student is going to go off to college, they will definitely enjoy a 'college spirit' graduation gift related to their college of choice. Most college book stores have a web site, so you can really access the gifts available display the college emblems. Banners, clocks and mugs are just some of the college spirit gifts available.

Grads appreciate gifts as well as congratulations. Is your grad headed out into the business world? Why not reward your graduate with a gift that shows you appreciate his or her accomplishment and will contribute to his or her future success? Diploma, university graduation or certification, you know he or she put in a lot of hard work to reach this milestone, so select the best graduation gift that shows you know how much effort it took.

8. Leather Briefcase Image isn't everything, but it helps. A sleek briefcase will give your grad the polished, professional look that will wow his or her future clients. Get one that is both classy and roomy—one that is genuine leather, and has an interior organizer pocket to hold the cell phone, checkbook, pens, and business cards. This gift category is somewhat pricey, but if you have a special grad, this is the one to get. Again, check all the online sites to get the best possible deal.

9. Commemorative Coins Commemorative coins including proof sets from the graduation year and Silver Eagles are good choices for students. They can always remember the year they graduated with an item that could appreciate in value.

10. Prepaid cell phone cards Some grads might consider this the best graduation gift—particularly if they have friends and family scattered all over the country and they like to keep in voice touch and not rely solely on emails. On your part, if you're a family member it might be considered as a slight nudge—a reminder for your student to call home every now and then!

To find the best graduation gift, let your browser be your personal shopper for ideas and comparative pricing. Whether it's electronics, sporting goods or clothes—you'll find the best deals online.

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