Can you grocery shop online?

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You won't need any of these when you grocery shop online
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Figure out if you can grocery shop online for convenience and savings

The explosion of online shopping has made living easier in a lot of different ways. One of the top ways the web has changed is that it has made our every day tasks, like buying groceries, much, much easier.

We all know that we can buy things like clothes and electronics using the web, but if there is one area that has not been fully developed for the convenience of online shoppers, it has been the grocery business. People still wonder, "can you grocery shop online" because there doesn't seem to be one site that handles your everyday grocery list the way a place like Best Buy allows you to shop for any electronics you want no matter where you are. 

Obviously, grocery shopping online requires a little more work, but if done right you can certainly get the job done efficiently and within your food budget.

The degree of grocery shopping you can do online depends an awful lot on what services you are looking for and how much shopping you need to do. If you are looking to get your full week's shopping done on the Internet from one place, then there are national grocery chains that will accommodate you. Hy-Vee is just one of the sites that asks for your location and then gives you a list of stores in your area that will either deliver to you for a fee. Some of these stores will have you send your list, shop in the store for you, and have your order ready to pick up at a designated time.

Quite a few of the other chain grocery stores will do this as well, but you may run into a situation where those stores aren't located in your areas. 

There are also sites, like that have set themselves up as a grocery store for anyone, anywhere. You can simply shop on this site like you would if you were in a grocery store and then pay a little extra to have the items shipped to you.

If you are looking to get some specific groceries online, you have even more options available to you, depending on what you are looking for. Schwan's is one company that has long specialized in allowing people to order special foods that they will then bring around in one of their special Schwan's trucks or ship to you if they don't have a truck coming into your neighborhood.

There are also a number of other sites that will allow you to buy gourmet food items that are hard to find in the regular grocery store. The one drawback to this particular approach is that these are often pricier items than on your regular grocery list, but remember that you are shopping for hard-to-find and premium ingredients, and that these specialty items are often imported or not mass-produced.

Of course, if you are doing your grocery shopping online than you are going to have to prepare to pay a little extra, even if its through a grocery store like Hy-Vee. Most places charge extra fees for delivery. Those that don't deliver will usually charge you a shipping fee.

Grocery shopping online isn't going to be the way to find great food-aisle savings, but if you do it right, you can certainly find a way to save a great deal of time and headaches. Not having to go out to the grocery store, fighting traffic on the way to the store, and inside the store, can save you quite a bit of stress in the long run.

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