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If crowded malls aren't your thing,why bother fighting the crowds? You can find everything you want online!
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Don't panic. Turn to the Internet for fabulous online gifts

Christmas, as we all know, is December 25th. But did you know that this year, Chanukah starts the night of the 16th and Kwanza starts on the 26th. So, shop early to have all your gifts purchased, wrapped and delivered on time - for all the holidays! Fear not. It's so easy to do if you turn to the Internet for shopping. The vast selection of online gifts makes it a snap.

Not only can you find whatever you're looking for, but many online merchants offer gift wrapping—sometimes free, but usually for a nominal additional cost. During the rushed holiday season it is well worth it! And, you can get guaranteed delivery at the times you want. There are many sites that feature specialty items.

There's one site that carries exquisite Italian luxury items including jewelry, watches and other online gifts from 50 internationally known top brands. Check out gifts, collectible and jewelry sites to find online gifts that will thrill even the most demanding, hard to please people on your list. You can warm the hearts of your family and friends with unique personalized gifts that are hand-painted, embroidered or engraved. By giving a personalized gift, you're showing the lucky recipient that you've really given great thought to that person.

Consider what interests the person for whom you're shopping. Perhaps it's bowling. You can find a full line of bowling novelties for the adult bowling fan, including beautiful bowling accessories, bowling figurines and bowling awards for the league bowler, or for the recreational bowler that are unique and whimsical.

Just think out of the box and you'll be surprised at the truly unusual gifts online that make your holiday shopping a pleasurable experience.

For example, there's one that just has things for an astronomy enthusiast - a breathtaking collection of large-format photo reproductions of Hubble Space Telescope images, astronomical pictures, microscopic studies and other scientific images printed on high-quality photographic paper.

They also have great other online gifts like a Hubble calendar with a sky watching guide, slide sets, astronomy and science-related books, decorative coffee mugs, T-shirts, posters, mouse pads, note cards and more. What a surprise you could give to someone who delights in searching the universe above us!

If some of these suggestions still don't fall into your category of a really unique gift idea, how about giving pet gifts to those proud owners of a dog or cat? Go online and you can find unusual items that are functional, decorative or both - and a delightful (and surprising) gift for a loving pet owner!

You can choose gifts of pottery, jewelry, and accessories that are handcrafted by artists from around the world. Whether it is a pottery feeding dish, gourmet dog or cat treats, a handmade collar, or a pet lover pin, your gift will be valued for years to come—not only by the owner, but by the lucky pet. Don't forget that pet owners consider their four legged friends members of the family!

If you know someone's taste in art, unusual artwork is another exceptional gift. you can choose from a gallery of different online sites that feature all types from Native American prints to lithographs of master artwork. The range in prices is vast. As they say, "Seek and ye shall find."

Think of all the time saved by just sitting at your desk and, quite literally, letting your fingers do the walking. Your keyboard and mouse free you from the tedious task of pounding the sidewalks and going in and out of shops. If you are considering jewelry, there are numerous online merchants and catalogers that carry a wide assortment of fine and costume jewelry to satisfy and taste and budget. Generally, prices are discounted and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the savings over traditional retail establishments.

And let's not forget the kids on your list—be it your own or a friend's. The online toy stores and catalogs offer a wonderland of unique gift ideas for you. Browse through the many sites that have creative games, crafts, puzzles and more for the home or classroom. There's a dazzling array of children's favorite toys, characters, clothing, bedding, books, videos and music.

And, of course, the educational toys and products that promote learning - for children of all ages—games, puzzles and craft kits. Again, you'll see that many sites offer discounted pricing and some even offer free shipping.

Let's face it. You have no excuse. You don't have to shop 'til you drop! You can walk away from your computer and return to your shopping any time you want. You don't have to schedule a "shopping day" anymore. Your time is too valuable to spend it by aimlessly wandering the isles of a retail store.

And, once you have finished perusing all the online sites and have satisfied yourself that you've come up with a truly unique gift idea for each person on your list, you'll see just how easy online shopping can be. What a joy!

Remember - when shopping online make certain you are buying from a credible merchant and before giving credit card information ascertain that the site you are ordering from is a secure site. Look for the security symbol on the ordering form page.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

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