Cute dog accessories for designer dog play

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Dogs love credit cards just as much as people
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Cute dog accessories your dog will be charged up to play with

I can’t tell you how many times my dog has swiped my credit card right out from under my Louis Vuitton wallet. She waits until I’m in the shower, sinks her teeth into my purse and runs like the wind to the nearest Petco (after doing a number of #1’s and #2’s along the way). I never caught on until I received a $1,954 charge on my Mastercard statement… (I was wondering where all those Snausages and dingo bones came from). I kept her under house arrest but now she’s resorted to online shopping.

Yes, my brilliant cyberdog has masterfully discovered a new website, bookpawing as her new favorite shopping destination. I don’t blame her. They’ve got a lot of cute stuff in stock but she needs to learn the value of a dollar, so I’m getting her this Muttstercard credit card from Fetch Dog to curb her spending habits.

Who needs plastic when you’ve got plush? Now my darling princess of a pup can shop ‘til she plays dead on her own dime with her very own canine style credit card. If she runs up her limit she’ll just have to pay it off herself by selling her old dog toys on Ebay, renting out a room in her doghouse or publishing her own story: Confessions of a Dog Shopaholic. Either way, she’ll look like one haute dog while shopping out on the town with this sweet upscale accessory.

I forgot to ask what her APR is.


- Squeaker included
- 4”H
- Price: $15

DID YOU KNOW? The late Manhattan luxury hotelier Leona Helmsley chose to leave two of her grandchildren out of her will but bequeathed $12 million to her dog “Trouble”, making him the richest dog in the world (next to Snoop Dog who Ranked #7 on Forbes' "Hip Hop Cash Kings" list with $17 million in earnings).

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