Dog bone treats for dogs that love to be treated

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dog bone
Jumbo dog bone that dogs will love
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Dog bone treats to treat dogs for good behavior

I have a bone to pick with my neighbor’s dog.

My neighbor has a mini Pomeranian. If you aren’t familiar, Pomeranians (also known as Poms or Pom Poms) are those teeny tiny toy dogs that have furry coats with more fluff, body and foxiness than Farrah Fawcett’s hair had back when she was solving crimes in the seventies with Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson on Charlie’s Angels.

Back to my neighbor’s dog… This mini Pomeranian (alias Sabrina) took a big ol’ number two this morning that was practically bigger than she was, right in the middle of our shared driveway. I had just pulled in and was amazed at the sight of the little booger, just sitting there squatting without a care in the world, hair flying in the wind, staring at me with a determined gaze that said… “Step back lady…I’m pooping.” Funny moment, but kind of gross and I was thankful when Sabrina’s owner came out in her pink pj’s to relieve me from seeing Sabrina relieve herself in an encore performance. 

I’m thinking that in the future, I need a way to reward Sabrina when she poops elsewhere. So whenever she chooses another neighbor’s lawn or driveway to uh… decorate, I’m going to treat her with a mini bone, all wrapped up with a pink bow. Better yet, I’m going to give her one of these ginormous Dog Bone Treats from In the Company of Dogs. That should keep her busy for awhile.

Snag some 10” dog bones, made of 100% all natural porkhide, so they’ll be as good for Sabrina’s coat as they’ll be for my lawn. Buy them in bulk for a big, festive dog block party but beware…

every dog party has a pooper.

DID YOU KNOW? Theodore Roosevelt owned a Pomeranian. President Roosevelt called his Pomeranian "Gem" while Gem called President Roosevelt “Chubby dude who gives me treats”.

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