Dog party supplies for your pooch

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dog wine
Delicious dog wine that your dog will love
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Make it a dog party to remember with the right booze & supplies

I hate drinking alone. I don't frequent bars by myself and I usually refrain from opening up bottles of wine when I'm all by my lonesome. It makes me feel more moody and dejected than I felt to begin with, like I'm two steps away from a Desperate Housewife "it's perfectly normal to drink before noon" mentality.


Thankfully, I never have to drink alone again. I have an eternal drinking buddy and best friend all in one. Tonight is kind of special so I'm uncorking a bottle of Napa Valley's finest Pinot Grigio for me, and a bottle of Sauvignon Bark for her… my dog that is (she favors white as well, just like her Mom). "Wine for dogs?" you ask, with an unmistakably dubious tone. Yes, you heard correctly. You can now get toasted right alongside Man's and Woman's Best Friend, and it's all possible thanks to the Bark Vineyards collection from In the Company of Dogs.


Fill your wine rack with vintage selections for you and bottles suitable for the most cultivated canine palettes to enjoy on your next special occasion. Whether your dog finally fetched that stick he's been searching for or you received a raise at work, celebrate together with Bark Vineyard's pet friendly, safe and non-alcoholic Barkundy - a full bodied dog wine bursting with toasted spice aromas and a shy hint of beef, or Sauvignon Bark – a dry dog wine featuring an ever so elegant poultry based bouquet. Featuring a savory blend of beef or chicken broth, spices and vegetables, your dog will lap up these Bark Vineyards selections faster than you can ask "Who let the dogs out?"


Buy two or more and the price goes down to only $14.95 a bottle, which is great for happy hour, especially if your pooch invites all the dawgs in the neighborhood.




- 25.3 oz each
- Choose from beef or chicken based flavors
- Price: $17.95


DID YOU KNOW? Alcohol is not poisonous for dogs although it does get them drunk faster than humans, which is why friends don't let dog friends drive drunk.


*Find even more fun doggie gifts from In the Company of Dogs dog catalog!

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