Feed bowl – Bowl keeps your dog from over feeding

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Dogs eat slower with a feed bowl
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Feed bowls help dogs feed at a slower pace

My son and I have a new chocolate Lab puppy. We love the new addition to our family, but life with a larger-than-life pup hasn’t been an easy adjustment. I have to go home every day during lunch to walk him, we have to place all items of value into No-Chew Zones, and he eats more than we both do put together.

My son wanted to wait a while before we named our new best friend, so we could grace him with a moniker that would be fitting and truly capture his essence. This dog wasn’t getting any old run-of-the-mill pet name like Spot, Fido, Fifi or Max. His name had to have bite, so we named him Capone. He doesn’t have any scars on his face (yet), but Capone has scarred us in a variety of ways, mainly concerning the number of bowel movements he has in a day. Our dog poops so much, it ought to be against the law. When it comes to stinking up the neighborhood, Al Capone had nothing on our Capone.

We can’t stop him from going when he’s gotta go, but we can limit his food intake. This Anti-bloat Feed Bowl is veterinarian tested and recommended to encourage slower eating, making your dog feel more full. It works with either kibble or canned dog food, is tip resistant and dishwasher safe. No more re-eating and bloating for Capone.

Now he’s moved on to other federal crimes.


- Comes in S, M and L sizes
- Available in blue, red and black
- Price: $19-$25

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