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baby doll
A baby's first doll is often unforgettable
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First baby dolls that make a great first impression on your baby

I’ll never forget my first baby doll.

Her name was Tumbelina and she could tumble on my bedroom floor in routines that could rival any Olympic gymnast thanks to the 2 ginormous Duracell batteries my Mom would stuff into her back. Tumbelina and I were birds of a feather and stuck together, not that she had a choice. Wherever I went, Tumbelina went. She would never whine when I dragged her down the stairs and always waited patiently under the dinner table as I forced down my serving of meatloaf and peas. I would repay Tumbelina for her constant loyalty by designating her as my special guest of honor at every tea party I hosted. She would flash her dimpled smile whenever I dropped three fake sugar cubes into her cup while my envious crew of stuffed animals were lucky if they received one.

A child never forgets their first doll.

Gift your sweet little one with a baby doll they’ll never forget with this Blankie Buddy from Elegant Baby. These colorful stuffed animals paired with a soft blanket are the perfect baby for your newborn baby to cuddle with. Elegant Baby specializes in personalized baby gifts including monogrammed blankets and apparel. Elegant Baby has specialized in beautiful personalized baby gifts, monogrammed baby blankets and baby apparel for 45 years.

I’ll never forget you Tumbelina… and I’m sorry I burned all of your hair off that time we played Beauty Salon.


- For ages 0+
- Elegant Baby® products have been featured in People, USA Today, Pregnancy& Newborn, and O: The Oprah Magazine
- Monogrammable
- Price: $21.00

DID YOU KNOW? The first Barbie doll wore a black and white zebra striped swimsuit and a signature topknot ponytail. Now in her fifties, the original Barbie is being re-released to the public as “Cougar Barbie”.

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