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Celebrate a special friendship with matching charm bracelets
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Friendship charm bracelets are a wonderful way to remember special times

She's been your best friend forever.  Or you know she will be. She's your sorority sister, college roommate, bridesmaid or the girl you grew up.

There are lots of gifts you could give her, but a gift that has been a favorite for generations is still one of the very best choices: the old-fashioned, but never out of style, charm bracelet. Whether you select a traditional dangle style or the newer link-style charm bracelet, the messages is the same. You're special and these are special things we've shared.

Ideas for charms to share

Once you get your bracelet and give your friend her charm bracelet, here are some ideas for what charms to add to your friendship charm bracelets.

Where and when you met

When did you and your best friend meet?  Was it on the playground in first grade?  At sorority rush? On the first day at a new job or a new moms' group?  Look for a charm that honors that first meeting. A tiny swing or slide for the playground, a pacifier for the new moms' group or a coffee cup for a chance first meeting at Starbucks are all meaningful first charms for your new bracelets.

The place you call home

If the two of you live in the same city or state (or if you did), a charm that symbolizes that place is another great addition to your friendship charm bracelets. Choose an official state or city charm, or an object that represents that place: a cowboy boot for Texas, a seahorse for Florida or maybe a taxi for New York City.

School days

If the two of you went to school together...or you still do...add a charm for the school. A mascot, a shared object or just a tiny school bus or book are easy ways to remind each of you of the times you shared in the classroom or dorm.

Sorority memories

If the two of you are sorority sisters, look for a charm that can be engraved with Greek letters.  Or select a charm of your mascot or sorority symbol, like an owl for Chi Omega or an anchor for Delta Gamma. (Or if you're like Elle Woods, a tiny silver Bruiser!)

Travels and adventures

Best friends share a lot, and usually that includes a trip or two and some exciting adventures. Look for charms that represent your journeys and the fun things you've done together. You never forget that spring break cruise to the Bahamas?  Add a little ship to your bracelet.  Car broke down on your road trip to California? How about a tiny tow truck or a detour sign? Whatever you've shared, there's sure to be a charm to represent it!

Graduations and new careers

If you walked at the same graduation or shared an office in that first job, be sure to add a charm for those moments, too. A graduation cap, a little computer, a sign that says "Future" or a miniature desk chair are all wonderful ways to remember those shared times.

Don't forget the things you did alone

While you share a lot of memories in your friendship, don't forget to include charms for individual moments, too. Weddings, promotions, babies and new houses are all reasons to add a charm to a bracelet. Make it a point to send one another charms to honor those big and small special moments in your lives, too.

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