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pen sets, book ends, paper weights, stationary and briefcases are all examples of relevant gifts for lawyers
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Finding gifts for lawyers can be challenging: Tips for relevant gifts

Finding the right gifts for professionals, corporates or executives can be challenging at best.  Suitable professional gifts for should reflect the recipient's professional career as well as complement their tastes.  Lawyers can be particularly difficult to shop for.  Lawyers are highly regarded in the professional world, and finding a gift that is meaningful, impressive and relevant can take some research. 

Although lawyers may hold a high profile in the professional world, you need not empty your bank account to afford quality gifts for lawyers.  Symbolic designs are ideal gifts for lawyers, and also perfect for law school graduations.  Other gifts such as office supplies and materials are more practical.  More dramatic gifts for lawyers include inscribed tokens that recognize accomplishments and achievements.

Here is a list of gifts for lawyers that you may want to consider.

- Briefcases or elegant leather portfolios are sure to be appreciated by lawyers who tote paperwork between offices, homes and courtrooms.

- Bookends can be meaningful gifts for lawyers who enjoy reading or maintaining legal libraries.  Look for book ends in high quality materials such as marble or bronze. 

- Stationary or general office supplies such as filing systems, envelopes or letter head are simple materials that will maximize any lawyer or law firm’s overall efficiency and profitability.

- Jewelry is always a generous gift.  These days, it’s easy to find pendants, charms, brooches, necklaces, or cufflinks in the symbolic shapes of gavels, or scales of justice.

- Paperweights, pen sets, desk top clocks, calendars or other office artwork can make a dramatic impression, particularly if the items are personalized with the lawyer’s name, firm name, logo, or special date.  If there is a lawyer on your shopping list, they will certainly be proud to display these tokens that recognize their professional accomplishments.

- Business card holders are important to lawyers who are always on the look out for new clients and new opportunites.  Consider a silver business card holder, engraved with the individual's name, firm name or logo.

- If you don't have the time to personalize a gift, other elegant traditional gifts include bottles of wine, baskets of fruit or floral bouquets.

- Subscriptions to industry publications, journals, newspapers or law related magazines can also make sensible gifts for lawyers.

- Tickets and gift certificates are valuable professional gifts that can be especially meaningful if you have a sense of the recipient's favorite restaurant, favorite theater, sporting team, etc. 

- Artwork such as paintings, prints, sculptures, can be an elegant addition to a lawyer’s office 

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