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Display case
Display cases are meaningful gifts that can serve to display your hero's accomplishments
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Marine gift ideas to Airforce gifts: Military themed products for your hero

Finding meaningful gifts for friends, family or loved ones who have given the gift of military service to our country can be very difficult.  Whether active or retired, our heroes are sure to appreciate thoughtful military gifts and novelties that express honor and gratitude for their service. 

Here are some suggestions for unique gifts to salute our men and women in the military.  This list includes tips for army and navy gifts, air force gift ideas, marine gift ideas, and even coast guard gifts .  Any of these suggestions make ideal gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc.  Of course, these items also serve wonderfully as general thank you gifts. 

Military themed products from Air Force gifts to Marine gift ideas: Great ways to thank your hero

  • Military themed merchandise such as coffee cups, clothing, blankets, flags, hats, ornaments, posters, photo albums and photo frames
  • Books about battles, history, and notable leaders are best.  If your navy hero loves to read, why not select a book on the history of the navy?  Biographies of notable military leaders are inspiring reading material as well.
  • Display Cases are an ideal way to showcase military medals, service ribbons, pins, flags, and other mementos.  Display cases are elegant, unique furniture items that can make a meaningful addition to your home while preserving and showcasing your hero's accomplishments
  • Military themed watches - for example, an ideal marine gift idea could be an  watch (perhaps a watch that also tells military time) simply inscribed with your loved ones name, marine rank, and the phrase semper fidelis; always faithful.  Visit your local jewelry store for help or advice with watch selections or engraving.
  • Rings and other jewelry make elegant gifts.  Military insignia rings, cuff links, watches, belt buckles and pocket watches make ideal jewelry items for men.  For service women, consider military insignia pendants, earrings, bracelets, pins or charms. 

  • Nautical themed items are excellent marine gift ideas or navy gifts.  If your military hero loves to be out on the water, consider gifts such as model ships, elegant brass compasses or sextants.  Any of these items can be particularly sentimental if inscribed with your loved ones name, or dates of military service.

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