Growing tomato plants is easy with Tomato Magic

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tomato magic
Hang Tomato Magic on your porch for ripe tomatoes year round.
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Growing tomato plants was never this easy

You say tomato, I say tomatoh. I love tomatohs. I'm an Irish girl through and through, but you'd think I was an Italian bambina the way I adore tomatohs. From my homestyle spaghetti sauce to my spicy meatballs and cannelloni, I can never find enough perfectly plump, juicy and ripe tomatohs in my local produce aisle to make all of my zesty Italian recipes soar. Thank heavens for Tomato Magic (or as I like to call it, Tomatoh Magic).

Tomato Magic gives me the luxury of growing tomatohs all year round, indoors or outdoors! One simple step is all it takes for me to grow my favorite ingredients that rival any Farmer's Market tomatoes. I just water once, and then wait to pick my tomatohs when they're good, ripe and ready.

The Tomato Magic kit comes with a hefty supply of Millennium SoilŪ - a clean, safe, and environmentally friendly soil substitute that waters, aerates, feeds, and supports my tomato plants so I don't have to. The kit also includes three hanging pouches, three planter pouches, all fertilizers and nutrients and lest I forget, plenty of tomatoh seeds.

Hang your pouch out on the balcony, white picket fence, tree limb, garden lattice, or in front of a window and grow lush tomatoes, even during winter.

Anyone up for a Bloody Mary?


DID YOU KNOW? The tomato is really a fruit. It took many years of charading as vegetables before they finally came out of the tomato closet.

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