Hanukkah gift ideas for men

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Yes, ladies. This is exactly what he wants -- but without Johnny Depp
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These Hanukkah gift ideas for men will help you give him what he really wants

So what are you giving your husband this year for Hanukkah?  Please don't tell me it involves a tie or a sweater. It is?  Oh, no. Put down that men's fashion catalog, and check out these Hanukkah gifts ideas for men.

Trust me, there's not a tie among them.

Handsome accessories

Go the extra mile when choosing men's jewelry and accessories for his business look. When buying cufflinks, for example, his alma mater belongs on his dress shirt. In this gift category, think about a really good leather belt, unusual arty tie, and super cool suspenders.

The picture says it all

No matter what he says, your man wants a man cave. And he wants one with all the trimmings.

It doesn't matter if a guy's a dermatologist or a construction worker -- there seems to be a need for a space of their own somewhere in the house. The style might be different for different men, but there are some basics they all crave. And that's the basis for my list of sure-fire Hanukkah gift ideas for men.

The altar of the television

Every man cave must have a television. And it must be big. How big depends on the size of the largest TV now in the house. His must be larger. And preferably louder, fancier, cooler and techy-er.

Even if you don't have a separate room for his cave, a seriously huge television is probably one of the best Hanukkah gifts you can get him.

The chair. Or rather, his chair

Some things never change. A generation or two ago, the Lazy Boy recliner was introduced and men have never looked back. What the throne once was to ancient peoples, the recliner became.

The bigger, the uglier, the puffier the chair, the better. Throw in some cup holders and maybe a built in cooler, and you have guy nirvana.

It may clash with every other piece of furniture in your house (no wait, it WILL clash with every other piece of furniture) but giving him that chair all his own will make you the heroine in his Hanukkah story. Isn't that worth a little decorating discomfort?

Sound.  Lots and lots of sound

Man cave or just a corner of the family room, it doesn't matter. He wants sound. Surround sound. Speakers the size of VW Bugs. And for those times when not everyone else wants to hear all that sound, some truly awesome state-of-the-art noise cancelling headphones.

If you go for the speakers, make sure you also throw in those headphones. Unless his space is in a totally different part of the house, you will need him to use those headphones. Often!

Fun and games

If you can, make sure to equip his man cave (or man space) with some games. Depending on your guy, that could be a pool table, a video gaming system, or a dart board. And as hard as it might be, give him the time to play. That's another one of those so-simple-we-miss-it kinds of gift ideas.

To bar or not to bar

Man caves typically include a large bar. But overall, Jewish men aren't big drinkers, so that might not work for your guy. A wine cooler might be all the bar-like ambiance he wants, so consider his tastes before you place an order for that giant Coors bar sign.

The whole picture

So now that you know what he really wants, how's the tie and sweater idea looking? Yeah, I thought so. See you at the electronics store...I have a man cave to furnish for my guy, too. It's going to be a Happy Hanukkah!

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