How to make a bow

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Bows are actually easy to make and they greatly enhance the appearance of any package.
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Simple steps how to make a bow

This is the simplest way to make a bow of any kind. With practice, this technique will lend itself to making many other types of bows, no matter the shape, size, or type of ribbon used. They can be used for any number of things; whether you are making a simple pew bow or a bow for a Christmas wreath, this is the perfect bow for you! Below are instructions on how to make a basic bow, divided into two sections. The first is an estimate chart to give you an idea of how much ribbon yardage is needed per bow. The second are the instructions, which when learned, are the basis for every type, style, and size of bow (just adjust to size, shape, and style accordingly). You'll be surprised at just how easy it is to learn how to make a bow.

Approximate Yardage Needed Basic Bows

Number of Loops. Approximate Bow Size. Length of Tails. Ribbon Width. Yards Needed. Note: The number indicated (9, 40) refer to the manufacturer's number to indicate width of ribbon). If you are really going to pursue the art of bow making, rember there are numerous online catalogers and merchants that offer a wide variety of ribbon at extremely competitive prices.

6 loops, 6 inches bow size, 12 inches tail, Number 9 ribbon (1-1/2 inches) 3 yards 8 8 inches 18 inches Number 9 (1-1/2 inches) 4.5 yards 6 6 inches 12 inches Number 40 (2-3/4 inches) 3 yards 8 9 inches 18 inches Number 40 (2-3/4 inches) 5 yards 10 12 inches 18 inches Number 40 (2-3/4 inches) 8 yards

If you intend to include tails on the bows you must first cut a length of ribbon twice the desired tail length. Refer to step 8 below.

Ten easy steps to take in learning how to make a bow:

1. Measure four inches to six inches of ribbon right side up, gather at this point and tightly twist exposing the wrong side.

2. Measure approximately four inches of ribbon and make a loop over your thumb. 3. Gather the ribbon between the thumb and forefinger and twist in order to put the right side up. 4. To make the remaining loops of the bow, fold the ribbon under, gathering tightly while twisting to re-expose the right side up. 5. Form the next loop, loop 2, in the same manner.

6. Next form the third loop.

7. In the same manner, form loop four. Continue making the desired bow forming all loops, regardless of size, in the same manner. 8. For tails, cut a piece of ribbon twice the desired tail length and gather under the center of the bow. 9. Thread a straight floral wire or chenille stem through the center loop of the bow, while holding it securely with your thumb. 10. Tightly secure all the loops in the center of the bow by twisting the wire. Holding the center of the bow securely shape the loops and form the bow into its desired position.

TIP: Now that you know how to make a bow and if you're making a lot of bows, try pushing the wire of each finished bow through a small hole in a large piece of flat cardboard. Bend down the wire and add a small piece of masking tape to hold the wire down. You can put quite a few bows on the cardboard flat in this manner, allowing you to keep them wrinkle free and making them very portable.

Here's a simple pinwheel bow if you're not convinced you know how to make a bow:

MATERIALS 64" ribbon (If using two ribbons 32" of each) Small piece of wire 1. Cut ribbons into 8" lengths for finished bow. 2. One by one, pick up ribbons and pinch together at center. 3. Wire centers tightly. 4. Separate or fan out ribbon layers. Of course, if you're not a purist and your time is over extended (like most of us), and you feel like you're all thumbs, you always have the option of getting "store bought" bows. Let your creativity shine through in the ways that you combine the ready made bows to make an eye catching display for your gift presentation. Bows can be bought in quantity and variety online. Don't be ashamed to admit, "I just don't have the time or patience to make a bow!"

Whatever you decide to do, good luck!

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