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mom's juggling responsibilities
Moms juggle a LOT of things!
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Personality clues can give tips on how to shop for mom

As a mom, some days are better than most, but without a doubt each day is eventful. With all of my responsibilities, most times all I would like is to be able to enjoy a few moments of stolen peace and quiet...and maybe even a nap! 

Although I faithfully and diligently plan my days, my well-thought out plans can go awry with nary a notice. A sick child, an impromptu school meeting or a canceled soccer practice can throw a loop in my perfect scheduling.  I have to always stay flexible and be ready to change at a moment’s notice. Oh the joy of being a chameleon mom!

Constantly changing also keeps my well-meaning family and friends in a state of confusion. They try to help me too, but often to no avail! Whether they help with the grocery shopping or with buying the gift for the neighbor's housewarming, they’re usually more confused in the end too. But when it comes to shopping for me, I try to give them hints and clues on what I'd like. Constantly changing moms can be challenging to shop for since it can be hard to tell what’s going on with them from one day to the next. Do you know a mom like this?

The chameleon mom is not a rare breed, but quite the popular one. Which one are you and how can you help those around you learn how to shop for mom - - who is fast becoming an endangered species?

What kind of mom are you?

The Polly Perfectionist Mom

The perfectionist mom chants the mantra, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” She always knows where everything is and where everything goes, and where everything should not go.

You can upset Polly Perfectionist quickly by placing the square peg in the round hole more than once. What kind of gift does this type of mom need to keep her flow of perfectionism going? She loves gifts like calendars, organizers, sorters, stackers and most anything that helps her find order in her life. She's at peace and at her best when all is organized and color-coded.

The Freda Frugal Mom

Cheap thinking tips you on how to shop for mom when she is of the frugal persuasion. Bargain shopping, deal finding, and cheap are some of the words that make the frugal mom gush and smile as wide as the zipper on her wallet. She’s the mom who finds bargains everywhere she shops. She can find deals on cat food and even knows how to recycle gallon jugs 101 different ways!

What kinds of gifts for the frugal mom? Buying practical and unpretentious gifts is how to shop for mom who esteems functionality over flamboyance. She’d rather have gifts that have a purpose.

Instead of live flowers for her dining room table, get her a nice, high quality arrangement of silk flowers . They look good and last for more than one week. It's better to spend $50 once than $10 weekly.

Buy her multiple sets of everyday, fashionable earrings instead of one pair of evening earrings. She’s more likely to wear a practical set often than she is likely to wear jewelry that’s for after 5 occasions.

The Nervous Nellie Mom

If it is to be worried over, the Nervous Nellie Mom is the one for the job. Do you wonder how to shop for mom who worries about everything? The Nervous Nellie mom would enjoy gifts that help her nervousness and calm down a bit. 

Security-themed gifts or gifts that help her feel better about her surroundings are ideal. This includes gifts like security gates, key hiders, home security systems and personal security items. No reason to keep her nervous. Get her things that help her feel better and not worry so much, if that is EVEN possible.

The Callie Cool Mom

The Callie Cool Mom is the mom that all the kids love to be around and hang out with. She knows all of the latest music, the best bands, the latest dance moves and even has a Facebook page. Stress out? Hardly! She is totally cool and under control in most every situation.

How do you shop for the way cool mom? She would love gifts like loadable music gift cards for her iPod, a membership for a dance class or funky fresh and hip clothes that make her even cooler! Yes, she’s a keeper, that Cool Callie.

The Gloria Gossip Mom

You know the Gloria Gossip mom type - - she’s the Mrs. Kravitz of the neighborhood. She’s always looking around, asking questions and knows everything that’s going on. This kind of mom would love gadgets and gizmos that feed her need to know. This includes, of course, cell phones with a generous package of texting or minutes usage. Consider adding her to your plan so that she can talk 'til her gossip's delight. It may be less expensive to add her to your family plan than it would be to get her a single phone.

Anything that gets her more information about anything would be a hit for Gloria Gossip. When shopping for her, don’t forget the how-to books, gossip magazines, and show her how to load Internet news feed links onto her Favorites bar on her computer. This keeps her abreast on what's going on in the news world as well.

For the busy mom in your life, make it special just for her as you buy her a special gift. Buy her something based on her personality. Whatever her personality is, whatever suites her mood best, there is a gift to match it. She's bound to love it, that is, once she can slow down and enjoy it!

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