Italian sausage seasoning for your Italian sausage

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Italian Sausage
With a variety of seasonings, anyone can make the perfect sausage.
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Italian sausage seasoning for hot Italian sausages

Whenever I make a big family style Italian meal, my kids can smell it a mile away. They don’t even have to be called for dinner, they’re there before I’m even done cooking. They gather around the table, mouths watering, holding out their bowls ready to be filled with a big heaping serving of spaghetti. Before they’ve finished their first helping, they’re holding out their bowls for seconds crying “Hey, Mamma Mia, I want-ah seconds!” [Disclaimer: My kids don’t actually speak with thick Italian accents…I’m just throwing it in for effect.]


What is the special ingredient in Mamma’s special recipe that has my little bambino and bambina going ah-crazy for? It’s not ah da pasta…it’s not ah da secret spaghetti sauce, it’s about da hot and spicy sausage ah seasonings!


Who needs the Olive Garden when you have ah this Hot Italian Fresh sausage seasoning from PS Seasonings & Spices in your pantry. It gives all of my ah favorite Italian recipes true Italian ah flavors with a little bit of da kick and a whole lot of da spice. One taste of my spicy Italian ah sausages and you’ll know, That’s Amore.


Viva Italia!


P.S. It’s also great as ah pizza topping.




- Package makes a 12 1/2 lb batch
- Price: $3.99

DID YOU KNOW? Sausages were called “bangers” during the Second World War because they contained so much water they exploded when fried. British men are also referred to as bangers because of the explosive sounds that are expelled from their bodies after they eat their bangers and mash.


*Find more delicious sausage seasonings from PS Seasonings & Spices!

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