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Men's shorts are comfortable and functional
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Mens stretch shorts let men stretch while they sail

I love boating. I’m not the master yachtsman myself, but the Skipper was always my favorite character on “Gilligan’s Island” (Ginger holding a close second) and I’ve always wanted to stretch out my sea legs. I love saltwater and the crisp feel of the ocean wind running through my shaved head of hair. I’ve dreamt about taking a luxury yacht out into the deep blue sea with Gilligan, the Skipper too, the millionaire and his wife, the movie star, the Professor and Mary Ann all along for the ride.

One thing’s for sure, when I finally get my Captain’s license, I’m making sure I have a wardrobe full of these Sportif Mens Stretch Shorts from Waterfronts Nautical in my cabin down below. They’re long lasting, durable, stylish and come in my choice of 15 cool colors. That’s a new pair of shorts every day for two weeks (which will really come in handy if we get shipwrecked).

With a classic design and practical features, these Sportif shorts are as comfortable as they are practical. Whether you’re a boater, a cycler, a tennis player or a golfer, these shorts are ideal for almost any outdoor activity. The secret to their success is in their exclusive 8 oz. Original Stretch Twill fabric and 7-pocket styling. Featuring zippered back pockets, front cargos and a knife pocket, these shorts make it easy for a sailor on the go and are ready to wear right out of the dryer. It's no wonder Sportif "Original" cargo shorts are practically the uniform on yachts worldwide.

I love them so much, I would wear them on a three-hour tour… A three-hour tour.


- 4 inch inseam
- Available in 15 different colors
- Price: $29.99 - $52

DID YOU KNOW? Archie Bunker came close to playing the role of the Skipper on “Gilligan’s Island”. Actor Carroll O'Connor tested for the role, but producers thought he was a meathead.

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