Outdoor apparel and gear thatís totally dreamy

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Cozy and durable jackets are perfect for the outdoors
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Totally dreamy gear and outdoor apparel from Horny Toad Activewear

I had a dream last night. It wasn't a prolific Martin Luther King Jr. the world is a better place kind of a dream. It was a hey, someone gave me money to go on a shopping spree kind of a dream. I was handed a fistful of dollars to spend and after I scored some trťs expensive designer denim labels, I found this Dream Jacket from Horny Toad Activewear.


Horny Toad Activewear is one of the coolest clothing labels in the industry with fashionably modern styles that can withstand any adventure you can dream up. Whether you're camping or biking, clam digging or axe throwing, Horny Toad will set you up in style.


Part military surplus, part retro chic, this Dream Jacket is urban streetwear at it's best. With a cool jersey hood, contrast shoulder panels and tons of pockets to store my stuff, it's the perfect transition piece from Fall to Winter in three hot colors: raisin, olive and black. And it'll look pretty dreamlike with the new True Religion jeans I just snagged on my shopping spree. Oh yeah, that didn't really happen.


I'm going back to bed so I can dream a little dream of this jacket.




- Available in 3 great colors

- Jersey hood with drawstring

- 100% cotton herringbone

- Price: $130


DID YOU KNOW? Horny toads sometimes protect themselves by playing dead. Some animal behavior specialists believe it's the toad's deliberate ploy to get chicks to give them mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. They are after all horny toads.


*Find even more outdoor apparel and gear from Horny Toad Activewear!

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