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The greatest gift of all...
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Here are some ideas about gifts for grandparents this holiday season

Selecting personalized present for your grandmother or grandfather is no easy task. Gift giving occasions throughout the year are many, and ideas, alas, are few and soon run out.

Rather than give a gift just for the sake of giving it, learn to think a bit outside that proverbial box and you will find gift ideas that are both unique and memorable. A special picture frame for the display of a poignant moment or a restored photograph from the long-ago past are just two ideas for thoughtful, personalized grandparent gifts.

One of the reasons picking a gift for a grandparent is more difficult than for a younger person is because an older person is more prone to say, “ I don’t need anything” or “I can’t really think of anything I need.” But there are some questions you can ask that will help you narrow down your choices for gifts for your grandparents.

Before you start shopping....

1- Discover personal interests

What are your grandparents’ favorite interests or hobbies? Try finding a gift related to this. For example, if your grandparent  loves to travel, consider a personalized travel bag. For the sports loving grandparent, maybe a monogrammed golf bag or tennis racquet cover. Whatever they love to do, adding a personalized touch is a wonderful way to make your gift more special.

2- Understand physical limitations

Sometimes older grandparents are facing physical challenges. If so, take that into account when you're shopping for a gift. Low vision and arthritis are nothing to be ashamed of but they are realistic byproducts of the aging process. Find practical personalized grandparent gifts to make life easier and aid mobility, such as a talking calculator, indoor/outdoor thermometer or a talking bathroom scale.

 3- Think about their free time

Games and jigsaw puzzles are wonderful diversions that make satisfying personalized grandparent gifts. Jigsaws can be made from personal photos, which is a very special kind of personalize grandparent gift.  Choose a memorable photo of the grandkids, a nostalgic shot of your grandparents as a young married couple or a photo of a special place they love. You can also use multiple photos and make a collage jigsaw puzzle.

If your grandparents have trouble holding or seeing small puzzle pieces, be sure to opt for  design with larger pieces to make the task more enjoyable and less frustrating.

4- Grandparental-themed gifts

 Would the grandparents enjoy a gift that honors them? Gifts of this type fall into many categories; mugs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats etc. Or you can consider an afghan that reads: “You Put the Grand in Grandmother” or a “Grandchildren Spoiled Here” doormat.

5- The gift of time

 No matter how much money you spend, there is no gift more precious to a grandparent than time spent with a loved one for a visit, regular emails, or even a lengthy phone call. It is the personal gift that is like no other; a gift from the heart that transcends hefty price tags and fancy store labels.  

Whatever you decide, spend some time when deciding on gifts for your grandparents. Consider whom the gifts are honoring and this will help you focus on what’s important.

 Our children may be our future, but our grandparents are our legacy.

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