Romantic personalized gifts

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Romantic Gift
Make the gift romantic, special and practical.
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Personal gifts for special memories

Romantic gifts are given all of the time for so many different occasions. Birthday gifts, anniversaries presents, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc. are all really special days. There are many romantic personalized gifts that make great presents for either an individual or a couple. The romantic gesture can be something as small as a token or a framed keepsake or as large as an article of clothing or a piece of furniture. The most special romantic gifts are those that the recipient feels and knows is special and brings a smile to their face.

Choosing the Right Gift

Selecting personal gifts can be a tricky situation. Unless you know the person very well or you're in a special relationship with them, finding out what they like (and what they don't like) can help you in choosing the right gift. It also narrows your shopping selections and helps you concentrate more on making the gift even more special. In most cases, you'll know the person fairly well and will be able to choose an appropriate gift for them. If not, here are a few ideas to help narrow your selections:

An Outdoors Person

Do they like being outdoors and enjoying nature? Are they athletic or enjoy hiking or mountain climbing? A nice personalized gift can be a t-shirt or a jacket with their names embroidered on it. Or, you can consider having a special romantic note stitched inside of the jacket that only they will know is there. This can be a very nice gift item, especially if the person spends a lot of time outdoors. I'm hinting at my husband to get me a nice running jacket with my name or initials personalized in it. If I don't get that, I would LOVE to have a water bottle with my name inscribed on it. Either of those would make a nice gift and one that would definitely be a romantic one, making me think of him always.

The Cook, the Chef and the Baker

Cooking and eating together is a very romantic gesture for most couples. It is very intimate and sweet and if for the one who is the cook, they enjoy preparing dishes and watching their loved one enjoy their creations.

Does your romantic other half enjoy cooking? Some very nice romantic personalized gifts could be a chef's apron or hat with their name or a special romantic pet name embroidered on it. Another great idea is a set of heavy duty cookware. You could also engrave the date you met or have both of your names stamped on it.

The Practical Side

Many times, romantic personalized gifts don't have to be sweet but can be things that are practical. Watches, jewelry boxes and personalized photo frames are all items that are used every day and can be personalized for uniqueness. Typically, men like gift items that are practical and things that they can use everyday. They do like other romantic things too, but it's always good to consider what they're more likely to use than something that may perhaps end up in a drawer.

Ask...When All Else Fails

When you can't decide what they would like, or it's not obvious, or your honing signals aren't working, just ask them what they would like. It won't mean you're insensitive or aloof, it will just mean that you want to be as accurate as you can and get them something that you know they're likely to enjoy.

What do you do?

  • Ask them what is their favorite color (get them a shirt or blouse in that color)
  • What is their favorite all-time movie (order the movie on a DVD)
  • What is their favorite past-time (reading, shopping or eating?)

Use their answers to come up with something incredibly original and romantic. The shirt or blouse can be stitched with their name or initials. The movie's jacket cover can have a hand-written note from you on it. If they have a favorite book, get it in hard-back and have their names engraved on the cover. Be adventurous and creative with gift ideas. Don't fret over making the gift "be romantic." The romantic nuance will be a result of the thought that you put into the gift.

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