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Promote your business and your patriotism with America-made items
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It's easy to show your patriotism by purchasing goods made by Americans

There are many ways as an American you can show your patriotism. A flag in the front yard is a good place to start. The colors red, white and blue displayed on just about anything is also patriotic. A yellow ribbon on a pin or your car shows a patriotic support of our troops. Volunteering at an aid station or donating blood during a time when other citizens are in need because of a tragedy or natural disaster is a display of patriotism that shows an American's true colors.

When it's economic times that are tough, an excellent way both citizens and businesses can show their patriotism is by purchasing goods made in the USA, especially if they also promote our country and its values and heritage. When you shop at stores that sell American-made goods and you wear American-made clothing while out shopping, you show others that you're proud to "buy American" and look good in the process.

Businesses can double the power of their patriotism by using American-made goods for promotional and marketing purposes. What better way to show your business promotes our country than with walking billboards of citizens using patriotic items provided by you.

America was once a world leader in the manufacturing of clothing as well as in the design of both fashionable and high quality apparel. Those industries are coming back strong and you can help them continue this growth with promotional shirts, hats, bandanas and even baby clothes. Athletic  teams are always looking for sponsors so help them out, help your business and promote our country in the process by donating athletic active wear and equipment with patriotic colors and your logo. Don't forget, those kids wear their uniforms after the games to restaurants and still wear them long after the season is over and they're too old to play.

We can't seem to go anywhere without water or a soft drink in our hands. A great way to promote America and your country is with patriotic water bottles, drink coolers and even flasks that will be carried around shopping malls, athletic events and other places where thousands of people will see them. Restaurants and bars with tight margins may appreciate donations of promotional mugs, cups and coasters made by American companies. If the coffee tastes good in one of your mugs at a coffee shop, it will taste just as good in another American-made mug at home.

Speaking of home, shoppers can show their patriotism by bringing their American-made goods home in an American-made shopping bag. Those bags can do double and triple duty as lunch bags and gym bags, promoting the fruits of American labor where ever their proud owners go. When Americans get going, they generally go in their cars, so you can help them remember our country and our workers with made-in-the-US key chains. Those key chains give American businesses a hand every time they're in another American's hand.

There are many other ways to use American-made goods to promote our country and your business at the same time. Finding the quality US-made goods gets easier every day. The rest is up to you.

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