Ideas for sympathy gift baskets

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A basket filled with chocolates
A variety of items such as chocolates, food, wine and other contents placed in the basket all make great gifts
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Create a special gift.

Sympathy gift baskets are a thoughtful way of letting others know you are thinking of them. The purpose of a gift basket is to comfort and make things easier during a stressful period. Here are some sympathy gift baskets sure to let others know how much you care.

Food Gift Baskets

Gift baskets full of tasty treats are always a great way to lift someone's spirits. Baskets filled with crackers and spreadable cheeses, jams, jellies or chocolates and other gourmet gifts will be sure to put a smile on even the most reluctant faces. Anything can be used to make a perfect basket, including coffees and teas, cakes and squares. Adjust your contents to cater to the taste of the recipient.

Encouragement Gift Baskets

For friends and family going through hard times, it may feel as though they are alone and nobody understands their pain. Consider putting together a gift basket that includes inspirational sayings, books about bereavement or even a new Bible to uplift and encourage. Basket contents can include ceramic angel figurines or stones with uplifting words carved into them. When it comes to sympathy gift baskets, feel good items are always appreciated.

Soothing Gift Baskets

This kind of basket is always a treat to receive. Fill your soothing basket with items such as scented candles, bath oils and salts, top new skin care products and perhaps a gift certificate to the local spa. Consider folding a soft robe or blanket and placing it in the basket for a touch of luxury. Chocolates, teas and cookies are tasty ways to encourage the recipient to sit and relax. Include a feel-good book or a CD of soothing music or sounds for an added soothing touch.

Helpful Gift Baskets

People dealing with tragedy or some other stressful occasion will appreciate this helpful gift basket. Fill it with meal plans or casseroles. Add coupons for free babysitting, online food ordering, grocery store trips, house cleaning or meal making that the recipients can use to make their lives easier. In addition, coupons or gift cards from local restaurants that deliver will be a great addition to this helpful basket.

Flower or Plant Gift Baskets

For a touch of nature, putting together a basket filled with flowers and plants is a great way to fill someone's home with color and greenery. Include a small tin watering can or plant mister for an added touch. Giving the recipient something to care for will help take their mind off their troubles. The greenery and colors of the flowers will help to brighten any home. Include seeds and tulip bulbs to symbolize new growth.

Coffee or Tea Gift Baskets

For the coffee or tea lover, baskets filled with gourmet blends are one of the best sympathy gift basket ideas. Purchase teas and coffees from specialty stores and couple them with a beautiful mug for sipping. Include some cookies or biscotti or even homemade muffins, and you have a sympathy basket sure to be appreciated.

Customized Gift Baskets

Gift baskets can of course be purchased, but putting together your own collection is one of the most thoughtful sympathy gift basket ideas. Consider the recipient and fill the basket accordingly. For the sports lover, consider some memorabilia from their favorite team or tickets to a game or event. Is there a book lover who needs uplifting? Fill a basket with a special bookmark and your favorite books to help them pass the time.

Customized gift baskets are not only one of the greatest sympathy gift basket ideas, but they give as much to the giver as they do the recipient. Personalized gifts make the recipient feel special. Putting the basket together will make you feel good knowing that someone you care about will enjoy it.

No matter what style of basket you give, the recipient will know it came from your heart and will love everything found inside.

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