The gift giving guessing game

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Do you have a problem finding the perfect gift?
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Jewelry - A time tested favorite

Do you have a problem finding the perfect gift? Many people do and that can take the joy out of giving. Whether it's a very personal gift for a loved one, an appropriate gift for a business associate or friend, you can find exactly the right selection online. For birthdays to house warmings and everything in between, the list of online gift catalogs takes all the guesswork out of buying that elusive perfect gift.

If the mere mention of the word jewelry brings a certain glint to the eyes of that special someone in your life, look no further than your internet browser. A jewelry catalog will take away all the doubt and concern about choosing just the right something for any occasion—even if it's just to say "I'm sorry". But you won't be sorry about the prices!

One's mind can get befuddled by the numerous reasons you have to buy a gift, but you can get a better handle on the who's, the why's, and the when's by setting up your calendar with the proper notations. Open it and you can readily see who needs a wedding anniversary gift; then you can access a specific catalog that will make it so much easier for you.

There are even collectible catalogs online for you or someone you know who goes crazy for certain collectibles—stuffed bears, fine china or specific memorabilia. You name it and there's an excellent chance you'll find it. And if it's a garden gift you'd like, there are so many online garden catalogs for the green thumbs among us.

Although the new school year is just starting, it is not too soon to consider teacher gifts. Writing about year-end teacher gifts, Fern Shen, in a recent Washing Post article wrote, "Over-the-top teacher gifts have been setting off ethical alarm bells, prompting some school systems across the country to ban teacher gifts. In New York City, parents beseeched Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein to do something about the raging gift inflation. He did, imposing a $5-per-student limit." Now is the perfect time to peruse all the online gift catalogs available and give yourself plenty of time to decide how much you will want to spend and what to get for your children's teachers.

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