What to buy for the person who has everything

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Knowing what to buy for the person who has everything is a gift

We all know that person. They are the person who seems to have everything a person could possibly want and when you ask them what they want as a gift, they generally can't think of anything, because they have all they need. 

Despite the fact that these people are generally pretty infuriating, they still deserve a gift every now and then and while the old adage states that it is the thought that counts, you should probably try to find something that they can actually enjoy. Finding a gift that they will really be able to appreciate can be a little bit of a task and may take some thinking outside the box.

Just because these people are hard to shop for doesn't mean you should simply give up in your search to find out what to buy for the person who has everything. There are a couple of different angles you can play when you go hunting for a gift. The most used one is that you simply find something that the person you are shopping for would probably never buy for themselves. This doesn't mean that the object you purchase is tacky or gross, but rather something that is made to be a gift and less something that someone would purchase for themselves.


Subscriptions have always been a good way to get a gift for someone who seems to have anything and everything you can usually think of.

In order for this idea to work of course you need to have some idea of what the person likes, but hopefully if you know they are hard to shop for, you know them fairly well. Magazine subscriptions can also be a bit of a hit and miss gift simply because they may enjoy the subscription but find they don't have the time to read, or simply end up finding that the magazines take up more clutter than they wanted.

Instead of giving someone more stuff to deal with every month, why not give they something they can do? How about a subscription to a streaming movie service, a downloadable audio book company or a series of wonderful online classes

(A word of warning...unless you know someone really well, and know that they want to lose weight, do not give them a membership to a gym or weight loss group. It will NOT go well! Trust me!)


If that special someone is a collector of any kind then your choice may not be all that hard after all. Most people collect some kind of trinket or object even if they don't do the collecting all that overtly.

The key is to figure out what the person has a real interest in and then come up with a collectible item they might like and that will be plenty original and outside the box. If the person is a sports fan, you might attempt to even help them start a collection with some rather original items that, again they might not have thought about getting themselves but that they will actually like once they have them in their new collection.

Instead of getting some of the more traditional sports memorabilia like a signed baseball or a banner, you can go with something that is a bit out of the box like a beer stein that either celebrates a team or celebrates that team's biggest accomplishments. You can also go with something that seems like it might be an official piece of memorabilia like a ring or other item that looks like the players on their favorite team might have actually won it.

Vacations and trips

If you really want to think outside the box and you want to also blow that special someone away, you can go with a trip, instead of an item. While that special someone might have everything they need, they probably haven't been everywhere they want to go. Send them on a vacation to a place they've always wanted to visit and you will almost surely have found a gift that they will remember forever.

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