Therapy for neck muscles

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neck massager
Neck massagers can create relief for those suffering from neck pain.
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Therapy for neck muscles and big pains in the neck

I have too many pains in the neck.

At work, at home or in the car, I have this constant nagging knot of pain that wonít go away. Iíve seen a chiropractor. I said, ďDoctor, it hurts when I moved my neck.Ē He said, ďSo donít do that.Ē I complained to my co-workers about my pain in the neck. They said my pain in the neck was giving them pains in their necks. Itís an endless cycle. Finally, when I was nearly up to my neck with pain in my neck, I nixed that neck pain for good with a little help from Massage-Nex.

Being a busy working mother of three means Iím solving problems twenty-four hours a day. Tension is bound to build up, but the Massage-Nex from Massage&Therapy at 3b Scientific is a simple tool that gives me complete therapy for neck muscles that are miserable, aching and have had enough.

The Massage-Nex has rounded knobs that stimulate my neckís acupressure points for a totally satisfying massage. I just move my head around and let the Nex nix my neck aches. My neck has never felt this good, and Iím finally able to hold my head high.

Designed to support and maintain the curvature of the spine while exercising, the Massage-Nex provides sturdy support and is used to eliminate tension in the throat and neck area. Made of high quality Rutonģ, the Massage-Nex is washable and easy to store thanks to itís small, space-saving size.

I just got a call from my chiropractorís office. He said, ďIt hurts when you donít pay your bill on time.Ē I said, ďSo donít charge me.Ē


- Easily washable
- Convenient small size
- Comes in decorative box
- Price: $13

DID YOU KNOW? Neck pain can cause a variety of symptoms such as headaches, nausea and vomiting. Having a date with a guy wearing an ugly neck tie can produce the same symptoms.

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