Unique holiday gift ideas

By Susan Crowley
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Use the Internet to find personal gifts for your loved ones.
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Gifts from the heart can be easy to find

Are you trying to think of something original for Christmas this year? What do you get the person that already has everything? What do you do for the person that says they do not want anything for Christmas? These situations call for unique holiday gift ideas. With a little creativity, you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year.

The Internet to the Rescue

The Internet is a great starting place. It allows you to stay home and avoid the stores crowded with other holiday shoppers. Try performing searches that include the person's hobbies or interests. The unique gift you're looking for may be only a few clicks away.

There are many items offered on the Internet that can't be found in retail stores. EBay is a perfect example of this. It has literally thousands of options. If you do a search on eBay, use the advanced search option. This will let you select the area that you want to look in. Ask for items that are very close to your zip code. This will ensure a faster, cheaper delivery. Be sure to check the rating and history of the seller before you purchase a gift.

From the Heart

Some of the best gifts are those that come from the heart. By using a little imagination, you can create unique gifts in a matter of minutes. This could include a few handmade coupons. You can make them for a variety of activities, from washing the dishes to a movie date to a long backrub. Personalize the coupons according to the recipient's interests and your relationship with him or her.

Another creative gift is an old, loved picture. Dig through old albums for a picture of the two of you, of a family gathering, even a beautiful scene from a vacation. If you don't have any pictures, the Internet does. You can search Google for images. Find one that is not copyrighted and print it off. Add a frame and - voila - you have a present.

A personal message or note can serve as a special gift idea. If you need some help, try searching the Internet for ideas. Then write your own on decorative paper and add a frame. If you have more time, consider making a memory basket. Pull out pictures, old ticket stubs, or brochures of places that bring back good memories. Arrange the items in a basket and add a bow.

Personalize It

A plain sweatshirt or mug can be changed into a more meaningful gift, just by adding the person's name. If you want to do more, consider having photographs of family, friends, or pets imprinted on a t-shirt. Personalized stationary, cards, and pictures also serve as a sentimental gift.

Gift Cards

Purchasing a gift card for a present may not seem like a unique gift idea, but with a little work it can become original. Consider sending your loved one to a new store or restaurant. Or purchase a gift card to a luxurious store that they like, but usually do not shop at. Gift certificates to health spas, resorts and fitness centers may also be of interest to them.

Some websites offer gift cards as well. Besides Amazon and Barnes & Noble, there are websites that offer board games, coffee-themed products, gardening products, and more. Find a website that suits the gift recipient's interests and check to see if they sell gift certificates.

With a bit of imagination, you can come up with other unique holiday gift ideas. The perfect present for that special someone is out there. Now it's up to you to find it.

Unique holiday gift ideas can brighten up Christmas for your loved ones. For those that are hard to shop for, an original holiday gift will make a difference. They will remember it for years to come and appreciate your time and effort.

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