Where to save money shopping

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Shopping the sale items is just one way to get the best bargain for your money
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Knowing where to save money shopping means you have to look in the right places

Today's shopper is savvy and always looking for ways to stretch their money. Shoppers insist on quality, but don't want to have to pay top dollar to get it. Always on the look out for where to save money before making that purchase, retail and wholesale businesses are now providing their customers with what they want - a great deal at a great price. 

Retail versus Wholesale

So just what distinguishes retail from wholesale shopping?

Typically, retail stores are in a premier location for the general public. A retail store is organized to be the optimum shopping experience, where consumers can buy one item or ten. Retailers also advertise to draw people into their store where attractive displays of merchandise are featured through out and sales staff are available to assist shoppers..

Buying wholesale is where the business owner saves money when he is shopping for supplies, inventory, furnishings or even food to run his business. Wholesalers cater to small and large businesses alike. Many wholesalers are now allowing consumers who don't mind buying by the case or in bulk to take advantage of the savings. Wholesalers typically have a warehouse setting and don't display much of their merchandise. Sales staff may be sparse. This brings a great cost savings to the business or consumer who is not looking for an aesthetic setting or needing retail clerks to assist them with their purchase.

So regardless if you are a business buying items by the case or a consumer looking to purchase just one particular item such as a handbag or garden spade, knowing where to save money shopping appeals to both wholesale and retail buyers! 

Here is a list of places and ways to find some great bargains.

Clearance sales

End of the season clearance sales are a great way to purchase merchandise. If the old lawnmower is starting to sputter, then consider buying a new one in September for the next season. Prices are deeply discounted as stores and outlets want to rid the old inventory and bring in the new inventory for the upcoming season. In this case ... out with summer yard implements and in with the snow blowers! The best part about clearance sales is that almost every store has them.

Just be on your toes because once they are gone, that's it until the following year.

Thrift stores

Today's thrift stores include "gently used" items - not throw aways. It is not uncommon to find a designer blouse or pair of slacks that look like new. If you really want to save money shopping, visit a local thrift store to find that new dress or sport coat for an upcoming party. If buying work clothes seems to take a large portion of your budget these days, thrift stores have a lot to offer. 

Shop online

The best part about shopping online is that you can comparison shop all from the comfort of your computer. Finding the best deal and a great price is convenient and simple. Most online stores have your order shipped the very next day, if not earlier.

Surplus stores

Looking for camping or outdoor gear? Try surplus stores for rain gear, thermal socks, canteens and more. Surplus stores are an often overlooked source on where to save money and often have merchandise you can't elsewhere.   

Swap meets

This is a great gathering of bargain hunters all in one place! Often businesses will come to swap meets to sell their overstock items. Often you can barter with the vendors and come to an agreement on pricing. This is interactive shopping at it's best.

There are many ways to save money. Watch the ads, surf the internet, take advantage of the clearance sales ... and oh, yes...don't forget your coupons.

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