Back pain relief exercises

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Back Relief
Treat the back with care as it it the stabilizing core of the entire body
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Easy daily exercises for back pain bring instant relief!

There I was, sitting at my desk working , when a sharp, sudden pain radiated through the middle of my back and down my leg. I jumped a little from the sudden pain, but kept on working because I had a looming deadline to meet - - no time for the distraction of a little back pain. So, I adjusted my chair a little to find a more comfortable position. I even did a few back pain relief exercises in my chair to alleviate the pain. I worked on a little longer, hoping that if I just ignored the pain, that it would go away.

I pressed away towards completing my deadlines for that day, only to find out later that maybe I should have taken more frequent breaks during my work-a-thon. As I got up, I doubled back in pain from a severely sore, cramped back! Ouch and what was I thinking!

Back pain is a very serious condition that if left untreated, can cause irreparable damage over a course of time. The back muscles are very sensitive and are often taken for granted. The way we bend down (often incorrectly), the stress and strain of sitting in uncomfortable chairs or even slouching in chairs are all ways that we are not good to our backs.

The back is a critical part of our core and stability in supporting our bodies and everyday functions. It is important to know how to move properly, bend correctly and stabilize our standing positions so that we don't inadvertently throw our backs out of alignment and cause additional problems.

There are several back pain relief exercises that can help tremendously in helping to find relief and helping to make life a little easier.

1. Yoga Exercises

Yoga is perhaps one of the most effective moves for back pain relief exercises. In meditation yoga, there are a lot of moves that will help you stretch your back muscles and ligaments in a low-impact manner. Yoga requires only basic equipment to participate, including a yoga mat, basic wedges and easy-to-move-in clothing.

One move that is highly beneficial is sitting with your legs in front of you and stretching your hands towards your toes, reaching as far as you can. The goal initially is not to touch the toes, but to stretch through the back as much as possible. This will help to lengthen and pull the muscles gently and give relief to a sore back.
Invest in a few basic yoga DVDs and the yoga supplies you need, then make it a part of your day, to reduce the risk of pain before it starts. 

2. Hip Rolls

Hip rolls are also back pain relief exercises that can offer relief. Hip rolls are easy to do and can be done even at your desk.

To do a hip roll, stand with your legs at should-width apart as you tighten your abdominal muscles. You can either place your hands on your hips or let them fall free.

Moving in a rotating manner to one side, rotate your hips five times one way, then change and rotate the opposite way 5 times. Roll your hips slowly and be sure to breathe, allowing your muscles to relax through each move.

3. Knee Bends

Knee bends, whether light or deep, are ideal for back pain relief exercises. For additional support, you may prefer to use a stabilizing bar or desk to keep your balance until you feel more comfortable.

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and place your hands on your hips (or your desk or table for support). Tighten your abdominal muscles and exhale as you bend your knees. Bend your knees and go down as far as you can without straining. As you come up from the bend inhale. Do these in sets of 10, as much as is comfortable for you.

4. Waist Twists

Waist twists are similar to hip rolls because you are using your core for stabilizing and support. Again, with your feet should-width apart and your hands relaxed at your side, simply swing your arms to the right, then the left, then repeat for about ten times each. 

Also, each time you swing, touch your lower back with the opposite hand without causing too much pressure on your back. This will relax he back muscle even more and help to massage your kidneys. Breathe naturally and very relaxed to bring oxygen to those muscles as you work them.

Sitting in the wrong type of chair(s) on a daily basis can also wreak havoc on the back, whether you suffer from a bad back or not. Investing in a good office chair can save lots of ouch moments and non-productive days just from being plain, old uncomfortable.

It's also important to bend at the knees when you are bending down to pick up something. Bending over completely from a standing position without bending the knees causes the back to over-stretch and can painful!  Sometimes, moving suddenly or jerking too quickly can also cause back pain, so take care to avoid sudden moves or jerky movements.

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