Back pain side effects

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There can be many back pain side effects, including that caused by medicine

Back pain is just that: a pain along the spine, between the shoulders, or between the hips, that can range from uncomfortable to excruciating. When a person is suffering from this type of pain there are numerous side effects that crop up including the obvious, such as inability to walk or sleep comfortably. Bending over may be a problem, as well as sitting down and getting up from a chair.

Suffering from back misery is not uncommon. These major muscles work very hard and people often over do it or turn or twist or lift in a manner that aggravate them. Something as simple as bending over to lift up your child can irritate these muscles and result in pain.

What are back pain side effects? If experiencing chills and a fever along with this type of pain this may be an indication that a person is suffering from a viral infection. If a gland is infected, the smarting emanates from that gland.

When the appendix ruptures, this causes pain as well as the side effects of fever and chills, as does hepatitis. The pain can also be the result of a nerve disorder, an individual will experience the side effect of weakness in the legs.

When pain in the back is accompanied by horrible and continue abdominal angst this indicates that there is a serious problem with one of the organs in the body.

A protruding or bulging (or ruptured or herniated) disc causes agony along the spine.

When suffering from chronic pain, an individual is likely to become very irritable, frustrated and may even cry. A bad back interferes with your life and you canít do the things that you want to. You may have to use a walking cane, assistive walker or even be confined to a wheelchair for a while. These are some of the unfortunate side effects.

Chronic pain of this nature can lead to depression and to self-medicating (drinking alcohol, taking too much pain medication) which can lead to addiction.

If a person is prescribed opiates for his suffering there is the potential for addiction. Other secondary effects from taking opiates include drowsiness, confusion, nausea, impaired breathing, constipation, vomiting and decreased urination.

Opiates are not to be taken for a long period time. They are used for a few days when a person is in horrible pain. If opiates are regularly taken physical dependence can occur.

Physical dependence is not the same as addition. It means that your body has a change in response to the opiates. The individual can suffer from shaking, diarrhea, sweating, chills and nausea if he abruptly stops taking the opiate.

When suffering from sciatica, where a ruptured disc is pressing on the sciatic nerve, the individual may experience pain in his leg and buttocks as well as in his back. If the nerve is pinched, numbness and loss of motor control can occur in the leg that is affected because nerve signaling has been interrupted.

Older people can suffer from degeneration of the spine, which occurs because of life long wear and tear on the back. This causes the spinal canal to narrow. When this happens, the person may experience pain when he walks or stands for a long time and is going to be stiff when he wakes up in the morning.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicine may be prescribed to help with back pain. All of these drugs can cause stomach upset and should not be taken if the person is allergic to aspirin. Tylenol is an analgesic but it doesnít cause stomach pain. Vicodin is a mild narcotic that is good for pain relief but it can cause dizziness and drowsiness. Any time a person takes a narcotic for pain relief there is the possibility that addiction can occur.

If the anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicine do not alleviate your pain, a muscle relaxer may help. However, the secondary effects of this type of medicine include sedation and drowsiness.

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