Bladder suspension surgery

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Participating in sports strengthens muscles and may forestall pesky surgery
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A leaky bladder corrected by suspension surgery offers relief

Opportunities abound for being embarrassed by bladder indiscretions that cause involuntary squirting or dribbling. The occurrence plagues untold numbers of people, every day. Not all of them need bladder suspension surgery. There are other ways of coping before considering surgery.

Most sufferers find ways to stay as active as ever. They refuse to be held back from their favorite activities. Bladder suspension surgery is one answer. But oftentimes, relief is found in something as simple as using pads or absorbent undergarments made with moisture-wicking materials. Today’s reusable undergarments conform well to the contours of the body. The briefs and panties provide peace of mind—and security from being caught unprepared in any situation.

What causes incontinence?

Sometimes, a less costly and more manageable answer than bladder suspension surgery is the use of various mail-order supplies. Many varieties are shipped in discreet packaging and designed specifically for incontinence problems. Men often rely upon beltless undergarments that feature fly fronts and absorbent pouches. Styles for both men and for women closely resemble traditional underwear fashions.

Bladder suspension surgery can be an effective solution for many, once other remedies have been tried. Most experts agree incontinence is related to a bladder that has sagged over the years due to flaccid muscle tone in the pelvic floor, overweight, pregnancy or many other conditions.

What is the easiest fix?

It is stress incontinence that occurs—especially in older women—when sudden pressure is put upon the bladder and leakage of urine results. Perhaps the muscle at the neck of the bladder has weakened. Maybe the urethra—the tube that conducts urine out of the body—has become compressed. Women with bodily changes due to surgeries, childbirth and menopause seem susceptible. They constitute a major portion of those inquiring about bladder suspension surgery. 

It’s true that ongoing relief for both women and men can be had through bladder suspension surgery—a procedure that lifts the bladder and its entourage into a more normal position. Nevertheless, other methods of control—including diet and exercise—might first be employed. Many first seek out activities that help strengthen muscles, thus canceling the need for bladder suspension surgery.

Can medications be at fault?

The main advantage of bladder suspension surgery is the lift that raises the bladder and enables room for a fuller, unimpeded evacuation of urine, instead of the intermittent releases that occur when a bit of urine is trapped in a saggy bladder or its urethra. Wise consumers always should investigate all the causes of incontinence before permitting bladder suspension surgery—or any surgery.

There may be causes of incontinence related to medications being taken for other conditions. Bladder suspension surgery may not be necessary if a different medication can be substituted. One should always ask a doctor about the causes of incontinence, especially if taking anything in these four drug classes:

• High blood pressure drugs; they can relax the bladder
• Alpha blockers; they work by dilating blood vessels

• Anti-depressants; they can dull the brain’s signals to urinate
• Diuretics; they flush water and increase the volume of urine

Can exercise combat incontinence?

Sometimes, it only takes a sharp eye to find something fun to do that will benefit one’s body, contribute to fitness, decrease incontinence and avoid bladder suspension surgery in the future. Scan online sources for gatherings of people who excel in sports you enjoy. People age 50 and up, for instance, in many states and cities participate in a program called the Senior Games.

New York hosts the Empire State Senior Games. New Hampshire boasts the Granite State Senior Games. In many places, these annual events last a week or more and feature dozens of sports and games in which contestants vie in age-group brackets with five-year increments.

Fitness can be fun. Get fit. Decrease the dribbles. Cease the squirts. Do something different. Consider, for instance, visiting Philadelphia. A tradition of more than 20 years stands behind the prestigious Philadelphia Senior Games—held annually in June under the sponsorship of the Philadelphia Recreation Department and numerous supporters. Hundreds of senior athletes participate at sites that include LaSalle University and many other venues.

The Philadelphia Senior Games draws sports lovers well into their 90s who participate in swimming, bowling, golf and many other sports. It’s a sure bet that bladder suspension surgery is the last thing on the minds of those competitors as they suddenly jump up at the subsequent awards banquet to accept their medals and ribbons—with nary a fear of a sudden, sneaky squirt.

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