Choosing a homeopathic remedy

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slelection of homeopathic remedies
Homeopathic remedies are a holistic path to good health
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There are a vast amount of factors in choosing a homeopathic remedy

Homeopathy is a way of treating illnesses by using the body's ability to heal itself. The body reacts naturally to symptoms, such as a runny nose for example, in a certain way. Homeopathy uses tiny amounts of natural substances called remedies, like aloe, borax or graphites. These remedies create similar symptoms, causing the body to react in the same way to combat and treat the illness. This is the principle of "like cures like" which is the basis for homeopathy. Choosing a homeopathic remedy then starts with observing your symptoms.

When you have an injury or illness you want to treat with a homeopathic remedy, first make a list of the symptoms you observe or experience. To be thorough, you may wish to ask a trained homeopath or a close family member or friend to observe you and help point out symptoms. Since homeopathy is a whole body treatment, list all symptoms - physical, mental and emotional. It helps to be descriptive when writing down symptoms. Are you flushed or sweaty? Does the pain stay in one place or move around? Are you nervous or absent-minded?

Once you have a complete list of the symptoms, mark the ones that are the strongest or most obvious. Try to rank them from the worst or most pronounced on down. At this point, it's time to consult a materia medica, which is a directory of homeopathic remedies and the symptoms they treat. These can be found on the Internet or in libraries, health food stores, bookstores and homeopathic remedy kits.

Look for symptoms that are identical or extremely close to the ones you are experiencing. Remember, the same injury or illness can have different symptoms in different people. A cough may be dry or wet, a sprain may be swollen or painful. Choose one remedy that is closest to your symptoms.

The strength of homeopathic remedies is measured in potencies ranging from 3x or 3c up to M, CM and LM. It's best when choosing remedies without the aid of homeopath to start with the lowest potency. The remedies are usually in tiny pellets, although they can also come in liquid form. To avoid any type of contamination, pour the selected amount of pellets into the cap of the bottle and pour them into your mouth under your tongue. Allow them to dissolve. It's best to take the remedies before bedtime or at least a half hour before eating or an hour after to allow the body to give its full attention to the remedy.

If you don't feel some relief or change in a half hour, repeat the dose. If you still feel no relief even after increasing the dose, try another remedy that fits your symptoms. Keep trying this method until you find one that works. At that point, stop taking it and let your body's natural defenses take over. Once the symptom is relieved, repeat the process for others on the list.

This is a simple guide for choosing a homeopathic remedy. It's highly recommended to first consult with a trained homeopath or a doctor familiar with homeopathic remedies until you're knowledgeable and comfortable with self-diagnosis.

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