Foot problem remedies

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Healthy feet need regular care to stay in good condition
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A foot with a problem calls for remedies applied pronto

Ouch. Oooch. Ouch. Oooch. Is that the sound of you, walking? Do your feet hurt? Are they beset by dry skin or calluses? Are your toenails in top shape? The human foot has 26 bones and 40 joints. Some feet have a variety of problems—or just one that’s a humdinger. Luckily, there are lots of foot problem remedies and most fixes cost very little money. A properly-fitting shoe, for example, is a remedy of high caliber. Today’s footwear choices for men and women include an array of comfy yet attractive shoe styles for work and play. Other common foot problem remedies entail some pampering and shoe solutions —or maybe some doctoring.

Pamper them with pumice

Elevating the feet provides a circulatory boost for those who indulge in the benefits of adjustable beds. But callused feet can be an ongoing irritation, no matter one’s favorite sleep position. Calluses are most common on the heels, the outside of the little toe, the ball of the foot or the outer side of the big toe. Cotton socks are comforting, as nylon socks often snag on rough skin.

The list of foot problem remedies is a long one. The thick skin on the bottom of the feet has few oil glands compared to skin elsewhere. The remedy for calluses, therefore, includes regular treatment with a soothing foot cream. A pumice stone also can be a help if rough skin causes snags to occur when donning socks or stockings. The frequent use of a pumice stone is high on the roster of foot problem remedies. Do one foot at a time to retain dampness, as follows:

• Soak foot to soften skin or use pumice after bathing
• Towel dry foot but leave foot slightly damp
• Grasp pumice stone and gently rub calluses
• Use circular motions for calluses on balls of feet
• Use long strokes on the outer sides of the feet
• Rub pumice stone on any hard skin alongside toenails

Night time is the right time

Some foot problem remedies relate to the discomfort caused by ingrown toenails. One cause of ingrown nails is the frequent wearing of tight-fitting shoes or shoes whose narrow, pointed profile forces the foot into an unnatural position. Foot problem remedies can entail something as simple as acquiring a new wardrobe of shoes—footwear with roomy toe boxes and well fitting heels.

In lieu of a new shoe wardrobe, substantial relief is easy to obtain. One helpful treatment takes place at night. Upon showering or bathing, while the afflicted toenail is still rather soft, take a tiny piece of absorbent cotton and wedge it—using the tip of a nail file or a toothpick—beneath the ingrown nail. Then, apply a couple drops of olive oil, avocado oil or baby oil. The oil will comfort the painful spot by enabling the nail to flex into a more natural position. Wear a pair of cotton socks while sleeping if there is any fear of staining the bedding with the oil.

A liberal application of petroleum jelly also works well, if socks are to be worn in bed. Foot problem remedies need not be costly to be effective. And petroleum jelly is a great lubricant and skin softener. Read labels carefully when purchasing creams for the feet and always consult a doctor if problems need professional help.

Medical intervention brings relief

Another cause of ingrown toenails is heredity. If the aforementioned foot problem remedies provide inadequate assistance, consider surgical intervention. The surgical remedy for ingrown nails is quick and often performed in the doctor’s office.

Most often, a doctor will numb the affected area and incise a narrow, vertical section of toe nail—the portion of nail that is digging into the adjacent tissue. The problem is solved surgically and when healing is complete, discomfort is a thing of the past.

There’s help for inherited problems

Other maladies also call for foot problem remedies of a surgical nature. Sometimes, the toenails of the longest toes—usually those next to the big toes—have nails that curl under due to heredity, aggravated in many cases by rubbing against the end of the shoes. A doctor can completely remove a toenail by applying a chemical that loosens it from the base.

Healthy feet are happy feet. It is the feet that carry the weight of the body and take a person through a day—and a lifetime. The wise use of foot problem remedies can ensure foot health and eliminate a problem in an early stage. No more problems also increase the chances of someone gazing into your eyes and saying, “You have the most beautiful…feet.”

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