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Protect hair when it is most fragile
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How to comb my hair so it stops breaking

Combing your tresses is a daily activity so you probably don't give it much thought. Many people don't realize that there's a right and a wrong way to do it. Once you learn the correct answer to "how to comb my hair," breakage will be a thing of the past.

One important hair care tool you need is a high-quality comb. Plastic ones are super cheap, but they cause strands to break and rip, and they create static. Wood or nylon ones are ideal and you can find them for under $5 at pharmacies and the beauty section of many big box stores.

Combs with wide teeth are best for detangling without pulling the strands. If static is a common problem, look for teeth with rubber pads because these get rid of static before it transfers to your locks.

Another tool to fight static: dryer sheets. Pat one over your do before stepping out and every strand will stay where you want it to. For winter care, spritz a little hair spray inside your hat before putting it on and you won't get the dreaded clingy hat hair.

How to comb my hair the right way

Think about your current routine. Do you hear strands tearing as you pull a plastic brush through? That's the sound of your locks breaking, and exactly why it's important to know how to untangle it with care.

Always work from the bottom up when combing through wet tresses. Hold a section mid-way down and run it through gently. Take your time as moist strands break very easily. Brush after showering and at night to stimulate your scalp and spread natural oils that keep hair healthy. When it's well conditioned it grows faster and looks shiny and beautiful.

If breakage continues to be a problem after you switch to wide, natural teeth and gentle brushing, consider using a leave-in conditioner. These get sprayed on your locks when they're still wet, and keep it soft and strong.

One easy way to dry your way is to wrap it in a towel for a few moments to absorb excess moisture. Then run your fingers through to loosen any big tangles.

Comb Care

Pull out any loose strands after brushing to keep the comb in good condition. Avoid sharing for hygienic reasons and simple run it under warm water on occasion. Good combs are affordable and last a long time so they're worth spending a few extra dollars on.

How to comb my hair for added volume

Once you get the basics down, there's a few tricks that will help you achieve more volume. If your hair is fine, flip it over your head and brush it from behind. Turn a dryer on cool and aim it at your roots for a few seconds before flipping it back over your head.

Dare to tease and you won't regret it. This method is a stylist's secret weapon. This works best with unwashed tresses that have a bit of volumizing product in them.

Start teasing by parting your tresses in the usual place. Work in small handfuls at a time and tease in lengths of about a 1/2 inch, running the brush towards the roots while pulling the strands taut.

Lightly smooth over each section before moving on to the next, working from the top center of your scalp out. The tighter you tease and the smaller each section, the more volume you'll get. Leave your volumized hair down, twist it up or pin it back any way you like.

Whether you're a primper at heart or a wash-and-go kind of gal, these steps can easily replace tearing through your locks when they're tangled and wet.  Now that you know the tips and tricks to keep your tresses healthy and strong - pass them on.

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