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Men's Health
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Where you can find the best men's health articles on the web

In a country like the United States, a country that seems inundated with news about just how unhealthy the populace truly is, those who have a desire to remain fit can sometimes feel as though they are in a minority. 

Servings of food are getting bigger all the time: quantity is a huge selling point for many restaurants. When someone actually tries to limit just how much sugary soda a person can get their hands on there is a massive backlash

In this kind of climate, people who are looking for articles that help them find a healthy way to live can see that search as a daunting task.

The search becomes that much more of a daunting task for men. Our culture is very much behind a woman looking as good as she possibly can.  There are any number of different websites and magazines that are built to help women look like the World's next top model, but finding top notch information for the opposite sex can be difficult at times. 

So where do you go when you are looking for top of the line and dependable men's health articles and guidance?  There are a couple of choices out there that can help a guy get into great shape and live right as well.


While there may not be many people who think of a site tailored to selling vitamins as a great repository of articles, it's natural that this type of site fills the bill of where to find better living info for guys. Swanson Vitamins is much more than a store where you go to buy your weekly dose of Ginkgo Biloba and the company and the site pride themselves on giving fit living information articles to both sexes.  

Swanson offers up the ability to get straight news, as well as the hottest blogs in order for those guys who are looking for tips on eating and living.  For those really looking to change their diet, there are also plenty of different posts and lists about what kind of food you should eat. Then the site also posts a huge collection of recipes that offer up great nutrition without a bunch of fat and cholesterol. 


It is not a real shock to see this particular site mentioned here.  What was once only a magazine long ago moved its operation onto the web as well.  Men's is a fantastic site because it provides professional articles from experts who know the latest info about exercise, diet and fit living in general.   

As the name suggests, these articles are all centered on the healthy lifestyles of men, and women need not apply to this site.  The site gives you an online version of the magazine, but much more than that.  Diets and news are just a part of the site as it also has a built in workout tracker you can sign up for.  These trackers offer you up a different kind of workout depending on what you are looking for and then allows you to track your progress.


Much like Men's Health, the title of this site lets you know right away what kind of info you'll find on the site.  Eat is actually far more specialized than the other two sites on this list in that you won't find nearly as many diet plans or workout routines.  You will find fitness news and suggestions geared towards guys who want to develop a better diet.

This site aims to show men how they can live better in their everyday lives, giving less information than the other sites about what kind of changes are needed.  Articles that tell you things like "it's ok to drink beer, just drink less of it" pepper the site.  This particular site is for the man who may not be sold on the fit lifestyle just yet.

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