Tips for foot comfort

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corns and calluses
Feet take a beating over time
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Tips for foot comfort can save you from painful foot problems

Remember the old adage When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy? The same premise applies to feet: If your feet hurt, you are going to be miserable.

To keep yourself comfortable when walking, running and exercising follow these tips for foot comfort:

Daily attention
Standing for long periods of time, wearing shoes providing little support and which are inadequately fitted is just asking for trouble.

Well fitting shoes

Shoes that are too tight or too loose or do not include arch supports or those featuring pointed toes or high heels lead to blisters, sore tootsies and arches, corns, calluses, fallen arches leading to flat feet, sprains, misshapen toes, arthritis, rheumatism and bunions. Standing for extended periods can lead to misalignment of the joints which causes inflammation and possibly arthritis and rheumatism.

Right there is far more than enough reason to wear proper fitting and supportive shoes. Shoes with ergonomic footbeds, orthopedic styling and breathable materials are worth the investment.

First off, buy shoes that fit. Go shop shopping late in the day when feet are at their biggest size. If you buy shoes in the morning, odds are they are going to be too snug by the afternoon and pinch and irritate. Better yet, measure your feet while you are standing before purchasing new shoes.

Buy shoes providing between 3/8 inch and1/2 inch space between the end of the shoe and the longest toe. Keep in mind the foot slides forward inside the shoe. You do not want your toes scrunched every time you take a step.

Take the time to walk around the store in the shoes. If they are slipping and generally feel unpleasant DO NOT BUY THEM. This is not going to change but only get worse.

Consider the ball of the foot, which is the widest part and must fit with ease inside the shoe for maximum comfort. This area of the should needs to be flexible.

Think about buying rounded-toe shoes or those with lace closures and shock absorbing soles because they are kind to your feet, as well as supportive and protective.

Change your shoes when you get home from work. Different shoes create different pressure. You want to avoid recurring pressure on the same spots.

Pamper your tootsies

Give your 'hooves' a break every now and then and walk about barefooted. They need to air out.
The Chinese believe body organs' sensory nerves gather in the bottom of the foot. If you are having issues with your arm, for example, or suffering from headaches, reflexology massage may be the answer, relieving body stiffness, pain, reducing constipation, asthma and sinusitis while also improving blood circulation. Any kind of massage is going to soothe your tootsies and soles. it does not have to be reflexology.

Put your feet in a bowl filled with warm water and then rub the soles with a half of lime, which removes toxins from the body. Put Epsom Salt into the water. it serve the same purpose, removing toxins and it is soothing.

Flex the foot and then curl the toes. Repeat this exercise. Rub the toes and soles in clockwise and then counter clockwise fashion. Push on the bottom of the feet, applying pressure, using your thumbs. Dry off and rub in moisturizer specifically design for feet. Giving your feet some "TLC" pays off.

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