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Lavender is a natural, effective sleep aid
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Learn what can you take to make you sleep all night so that you are rested

Getting a full night’s rest is essential to your health. One night of tossing and turning leads to irritability, lack of concentration and your personality disappears. Chronic sleep problems affect your overall health, relationships and work performance.

What can you take to make you sleep through the night? Fortunately, over-the-counter sleeping pills aren’t the only effective option. There are a number of natural remedies that can help relax your mind and body so you can snooze all through the night.


Taken together, Magnesium and Calcium supplements boost your body’s ability to sleep, according to It's suggested to take 200 milligrams of Magnesium and 600 of Calcium, to eliminate the heart complications that Calcium can cause.


Chamomile tea eases the mind and soothes the body. Drink a cup about two hours before you turn out the lights and the calming effects will help you sleep. This won’t make you drowsy in the way that sleeping pills do, but it greatly improves the body’s ability to drift into deep REM.

In addition to helping you get shut-eye, chamomile’s healing properties will help your mind and body recover from the damage caused by many sleepless nights. It relieves headaches, helps with digestion, reduces inflammation and reduces anxiety and stress.


Melatonin pills induce sleep naturally, but should be taken in low doses of .3 milligrams or less. This hormone is produced in the brain naturally to control rest and regulate the cycle of waking and sleeping. Supplements help you drift off deeply so you don't wake up until morning.

Drink your cherries

According to, the high levels of  Melatonin in tart cherry juice answers the question of what can you take to make you sleep. Try drinking a glass in the morning and one with dinner, or eat a handful of cherries a day. Results won’t be instantaneous, but in a study people reported improved sleeping within two weeks.

Eat Wild Lettuce

Eating wild lettuce or taking wild lettuce supplements reduces anxiety and restlessness. If the source of your sleeplessness is unknown, this is a good, natural option for the mind and body.


Lavender pillows are popular because it increases deep rest and helps people with mild insomnia. Spritz some lavender oil on your pillow or headboard before turning off the light.

Mix protein and carbohydrates with your tryptophan

Ever noticed how sleepy everyone gets after a big turkey dinner. That’s the natural result of tryptophan in the turkey combined with carbohydrates like potatoes or bread. Try it yourself. If you’re not a meat eater, warm milk includes the same ingredient, but don’t drink it by itself. Carbohydrates aid your body in using the tryptophan. Have a slice a slice of bread with a smear of butter or mix it with granola.

Sage and Lemon Balm

A few tablespoons of fresh or dry sage steeped in a cup of hot water is a well known natural sleep aid. Another effective herb is lemon balm, a type of mint with a lemon scent. Other benefits are reduced agitation and improved digestion.

Yoga and Meditation

After reviewing what can you take to make you sleep better, consider additional options. Regular exercise will get the heart pumping and keep you awake longer, but yoga or light stretches prepare the body for a restful sleep. Afterwards close your eyes and breathe for about 5 minutes while thinking of absolutely nothing but your breathing.

If you’re on any medications, consult with your doctor before trying any of these remedies. While natural, they can still create complications. If you decide to try a supplement, the dosage you take must be mini

While your body repairs itself and sleep habits improve, continue trying new ways to improve your routine. For instance, some people need to eat a light dinner or they’re wide awake as the body struggles to digest.

Prevention magazine offers this comprehensive list of 100 ways to sleep better. Replace old bad habits with good ones, and learn a few mind tricks for next time you find yourself staring at the ceiling.


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