What causes bad dreams?

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No one wants to see this guy in their dreams
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What causes bad dreams? There are many factors that can lead to nightmares

Dreams can be delightful and the sleeper doesn't want to awaken because he's enjoying himself so much. On the other hand, some are ghoulish and nightmarish and the sleeper can't awaken quickly enough. What causes bad dreams?

There are a number of factors that induce bad thoughts during the night. A fever can cause horrible dreams as can some medications. It may be genetic. The tendency to have nightmares runs in families.

Nightmares are considered a typical part of coping with the upheavals and changes inherent in life. For children, unsettling dreams often occur when parents are divorcing or the child is starting school. Children have nightmares more frequently than adults but adults do experience them.

A traumatized individual suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) experiences ominous imaginings while sleeping. Trying and stressful times can cause a person to experience disturbing nocturnal thoughts.

A nightmare is a distressingly vivid and lifelike dream, generally occurring during the REM cycle of sleep. REM stands for rapid eye movement. Scary dreams occur in the early morning hours because the REM cycle gets longer as the night progresses.

Eating before bed

Eating right before bed can lead to nightmares because a person's metabolism speeds up after eating and this tells the brain to become lively. Don't eat right before going to bed and see if this helps.


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