Who should use insoles

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Custom insoles make your feet a whole lot happier and healthier
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Who should use insoles? Anyone suffering from foot or toe pain!

If you have never been to a podiatrist (foot doctor) you may not know what 'orthotic' means. It is a device inserted into shoes to correct problems, including an irregular or abnormal walking pattern. An insole is a type of orthotic. You can buy them over-the-counter or have them custom made.

When this device is put into shoes it helps the wearer walk better and easier and run more capably and comfortably. Standing is also easier on a person's feet and legs when he has cushioning and extra support in his shoes.

Wearing non-supportive shoes or those not fitting properly wreaks havoc on feet, legs and the back. Wear shoes that fit well and provide wide toe boxes so your toes don't get scrunched, which leads to a host of toe problems.

Take advantage of inserts such as insoles. They relieve aching arches, sore heels and bruising of the ball of the foot and back of the foot. Orthotics provide support and protect and don't cost an arm and a leg. The insert makes all in the difference in how you feel, eliminating tired, aching legs and feet.


This is a strip fitting inside the bottom of a shoe. It cushions the foot, which is essential for the health of the foot, and it provides support.

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