Why drinking water is good for you

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drinking water
She is keeping her body amply hydrated
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The maintenance of your health is why drinking water is good for you

Some people naturally drink water and enjoy it while others donít. The ones who are imbibing adeqate H20 are better off because water is essential for maintaining health. If you donít have enough in your body, the body canít function efficiently.

Since water makes up half of body weight a person cannot survive for more than a few days without it. It helps the body do the various jobs that it needs to do. It is in blood. Blood carries oxygen to the cells in the body. If there isnít enough water to enable blood to carry oxygen the cells are going to die and the body stops functioning.

Fluid is an important part of the immune system, which helps ward off illness. Water also assists in getting rid of waste -- helping you to eliminate -- as well as aids in food digestion. People need to sweat and they need fluids in their body to produce sweat.

Every cell in the body is dependent on H20 to keep it operational. Fluids can be obtained by means other than drinking but it is the best choice.

It is particularly important for people to drink ample amounts of fluid when they are out in the sun or engaging in something strenuous such as sports or yard work.

If you donít have enough fluid in your system, you will become dehydrated, which is very serious. When dehydrated, a person isnít going to feel well and he isnít going to be at the top of his game physically or intellectually.

When a person is really thirsty this can mean that he is dehydrated and there isnít enough fluid in his system to keep it working properly. When a person sweats, pees, throws up or has diarrhea he can get dehydrated. The fluids that have been lost have to be replenished.

In addition to being thirsty, if a person is dehydrated he may feel dizzy, lightheaded, fatigued and his lips and mouth will be dry. The heart beats rapidly.

Another indication that a person is dehydrated is the color of his urine. If it is dark rather than pale yellow and smells strong this is a symptom of dehydration. The reason the pee is dark is because the body has been holding onto it because it needed it. This means the person needs to drink more fluids! A dehydrated person does not urinate much because he doesnít have anything to expel.

When a person doesnít drink adequate amounts of water his skin and hair are going to suffer. Skin will become dry and hair will look dull and lifeless because it does not have enough hydration.

Water actually works as an appetite suppressant so it can assist a person who is trying to lose weight. It is also believed that it helps a person shake a headache as well as reduce the chance that the individual will contract breast-, colon- and bladder cancer and lower the risk of having a heart attack. It even keeps blood pressure down.

Muscles work more efficiently when they are hydrated and drinking H20 makes your metabolism run faster, which is great because a faster metabolism means a person is less likely to gain weight.

The body is pretty miraculous. It regulates the amount of fluid in the body which keeps a person suitably hydrated. The body holds onto fluids when there isnít enough and it gets rid of it when there is too much in the body. The body tries to take care of itself even when its owner isnít.

Do not underestimate the importance of keeping your body hydrated. People who are extremely dehydrated must go to the hospital and get fluids via an IV. A severely dehydrated person can die.

Those at extreme risk are infants and young children who become terribly dehydrated due to diarrhea. When a person has diarrhea he loses not only water but electrolytes including potassium, chloride, sodium and bicarbonate.

Convinced? Drink up! Water tastes good and is refreshing. It is actually something of a miracle because it is not only necessary for maintaining health but there are many other perks that come with drinking it.

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