Air ambulances can save your life

By Lynn Richardson
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air ambulance
What is an air ambulance and what can it do for you
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The history of air ambulances

As early as 1914, the speed and safety of aircraft was being used to transport critically ill or injured patients from the battlefield to the hospitals. By the late 1920's, the first civilian air ambulance service was established in the Australian outback, where the long distances between stations and cities made ground ambulances nearly useless. The concept spread quickly, appearing in Morocco and Spain. By the mid 1940's, air ambulance services were established in Canada, followed by the first U.S. service in 1947.

What an air ambulance can do

Whenever time or distance are a factor in a patient's survival, an air ambulance can provide the fastest and most efficient route to a medical facility. When you or a loved one is facing severe trauma, stroke, burns or other time-sensitive medical issues, companies such as Air Ambulance Network can provide fixed wing and jet aircraft to provide the smoothest and fastest route to a critical care hospital. In a situation where seconds count, air ambulances can save your life.

What is on an air ambulance

Although they both use popular types of fixed wing and jet aircraft, the similarity between the interior of a commercial or private plane and an air ambulance is minimal. Gone are the rows of seats, tray tables and attendant gallies. Inside the air ambulance, you'll find a compact flying hospital, complete with stretchers, respirators, cardiac monitors, IV infusion pumps and other critical care supplies. Some even have the supplies and facilities to perform emergency in-flight surgery.

Who works on an air ambulance

The staff on a given air ambulance flight depends upon the type of medical emergency. If the patient is a preemie, a neonatologist , and neonatology nurse would probably be on the airplane. If the situation involves profound trauma, a flight nurse, paramedic and possibly a trauma surgeon would be on board. Their expertise in life and death situations even before you reach the hospital is one of the primary reasons air ambulances can save you life.

Where do air ambulances fly

Air ambulance services are available across the country and around the world. They carry patients to and from all points of the globe.

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