Facts about George Washington

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Some facts about George Washington may surprise you.
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The Mount Vernon estate: a source for biographical facts about George Washington

Last summer, while visiting friends in Washington, DC, I took a day trip to the Mount Vernon estate, one of America’s most celebrated historic landmarks.  Mount Vernon was the beloved home of George Washington and his wife Martha, from 1759 until General Washington's death in 1799. 

Facts About George Washington That I Learned During My Visit to Mount Vernon:

  • George Washington served as the first president of our country.  His presidential term lasted from 1789-1797.

  • George Washington was the only president to win a unanimous vote of the Electoral College.

  • He was the first Mason to serve as president.

  • George Washington was one of the richest men in America

  • While George Washington kept slaves to assist with his farm and maintained slave quarters on his estate, he was the only president to free his slaves following the Revolutionary War.  He freed over 124 of his slaves, and even after his death, his estate continued to pay for the care of former Mount Vernon slaves.

  • George Washington was a pioneering farmer, who sought to advance farming and agricultural techniques using new fertilizers, advanced systems of crop rotations, and innovative farm equipment.  As a farmer, George Washington is credited with introducing the mule to America.

  • George Washington’s favorite food was ice cream and he actually had an ice cream cooler installed in his Mount Vernon home.

  • Although George Washington never had any children of his own, he did help his wife Martha to raise two children from her first marriage, and later, two of her grandchildren at Mount Vernon.

  • George Washington suffered many dental problems and as a result, he wore false teeth.  Various sets of false teeth were made for Washington over the years, made from materials that included cow’s teeth, hippopotamus ivory, metal springs and lead.

  • George Washington died from a throat disease, which may have been a type of cancer related to the lead-based sets of false teeth that he wore.

If you are planning to travel to our nation’s capital, or if you are seeking educational day trips in the DC area, be sure to visit George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.  Adults and children alike will enjoy the tours and the beautiful scenery.  History buffs will be amazed by the comprehensive museum exhibits, rare artifacts and extensive biographical facts about George Washington.  

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