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diecast 1971 orange camero
Add a piece of glass on the bottom of a diecast car display for reflection.
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Here are a few ideas for an exciting diecast car display

Creating a display for diecast cars is a fun step in the process of building a collection. For new model car collectors, notice how empty surfaces around the house decrease as your collection grows?

Displays come in all shapes and sizes and will keep your growing collection from ending up in a closet. You can choose to get creative with your diecast car display, or go with a clean look that spotlights your favorite diecast cars.

Diecast car display cases are custom designed to the size of diecast automobiles. Before browsing the options, here are a few considerations that may help you decide on the type of display you want:

  • Choose the location for your display and decide if you want to mount it directly to the wall at eye level or have the display sit on a unique shelf. Many mountable shelves are also designed to sit level on shelves with a clasp, and they usually position model cars at an angled side view so you can see both the front and side of the car.

  • If you plan to buy a display case, measure how much space you have, then figure how many cars will be in your display to determine the right dimensions for the case.

  • Cases for diecast cars come in a variety of materials including glass display cases with a mirrored back, Plexiglass, and polished wood. You don't have to decide on the material just yet, but it helps to know the options. Most closed diecast car display cases have hinged covers to protect the cars from dust while also giving you easy access to the cars.

Here are a few ways to display diecast replicas:
  •   Integrate a display with the room's decor. If you have a series of convertible diecast cars, why not display them near a window that gets a lot of natural light? Even when it's cold outside, convertibles will remind you of warm days under the sun.
  • Think about potential themes for your collection. If a few of the vintage cars were manufactured during the same time period, such as the 1950s, you could embellish a basic display case with a few pop culture pieces from the same time period. Compliment a simple display with a framed picture of Elvis or John Wayne, for instance.
  • For many collectors, vintage diecast cars evoke a sense of adventure, and the notion that a great car will take you on a journey. Old postcards of the country's landscape, images of street signs, or a small cactus can give a diecast car display the affect of a carefully crafted, multi-media collage.
  • Make a scene. You can have a lot of fun creating a diorama for select vintage cars. A few examples of dioramas include street racing scenes, Main Street America with soda pop shops and mom&pop gas stations, and drive in movie theatres with roller-skating servers. Dioramas work inside of a glass box or on an open shelf, and you can add to them over time as you find the right figures and scenic elements.
  • Etch or paint a fitting quote to the side of a wooden display shelf. From Jack Kerouc's On The Road, to Dr. Suess, or a line from Rebel without a Cause, sources for finding a statement that resonates with you are everywhere. Choose a quote that inspires you or reflects the right attitude, and use a stencil to give your unique display a classic look.
Diecast car display cases and shelves are a wonderful way to enjoy the items you value. These ideas are only a few of the many possibilities for displaying diecast cars. With a basic idea of size requirements, you can start your display with a simple shelf or case and build from there. Let your own collection inspire you.

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