Diecast toy cars are timeless collectibles

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Diecast cars are a favorite as a toy or a collectible
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Diecast cars, airplanes and other toys have been favorites for decades

When I was little, I had a diecast car that was one of my favorite toys.  It was a truck, actually; a tiny green metallic truck with the back divided into kennels for the very tiny white dogs that came with it.  A clear top kept the dogs in place as I pushed that little truck across the floor. 

A few years later, a little brother came along.  First the dogs disappeared, then the clear top was lost.  Finally, the little green truck vanished, too.  But I've never forgotten the way that little truck slid across the tile floor or the sparkle of its green metallic paint.  That little diecast car became a lasting memory.

Why people collect diecast toy cars

Good memories

Memories like mine are one of the reasons diecast toy cars remain the most popular diecast collectibles, with tens of thousands of collectors of all ages.  Unlike diecast planes, trains or other collectibles, many people grew up with a favorite Matchbox or Hot Wheels car -- as an adult, collecting these small tokens of one's childhood becomes a treasured hobby.


Other people collect diecast toy cars as a way to finally have all those cars they wanted, but in a more affordable form.  The relatively low price of diecast collectibles compared to other collectible toys -- or real collectible and antique cars -- keeps them in reach for adults and children.

Relatively easy to find


Diecast toy cars were created in much larger quantities than other popular collectible toys.  That means that even with the inevitable breakage (or little brother), there are usually plenty of cars in good condition still around.

And what started as the product of just a handful of companies is now available from hundreds of specialty diecast manufacturers. Diecast cars and other vehicles are available in local collecting and hobby stores, online and at any of hundreds of specialty shows which have sprung up in recent years. 

Vintage diecast toys are generally in decent condition. Worn paint gives them a charming, well-appreciated appearance. Gentle care and cleaning can restore the luster of dirty diecast miniatures.

Themed collections allow more choices

Some people add diecast toy cars to another collection.  For instance, someone who collects John Deere merchandise might add a selection of tiny diecast John Deere trucks or tractors to their collection.  Others create collections by era, so the cars of the 50's 60's or 70's might be right for their interests.  Over the past few years, the number of themed die cast cars and trucks has increased exponentially. Popular sodas, race car drivers, cities, resorts and even breakfast cereals have all been featured on diecast vehicles.

Collectors looking for themed vehicles often search out newly issued models, many  of which are available for as little as a dollar or two at local discount chain stores like Target and KMart.

The thrill of the hunt


As with any collection, the thrill of the hunt is part of the fun.  Looking for that perfect car to complete a diecast collection display, or a treasured memory like a diecast truck with a dog is like a treasure hunt. 

Specialty books and catalogs can help even beginners get started in this accessible and fascinating hobby.

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